Events Notice

Our Homebrew Competition in May is Postponed, we hope to rearrange a date once all this hoohar is done.

Our Brewery Bar Dates – Please check with us, we will let you know here if we have to shut but up to press our plan is to go ahead with the Friday and Saturday bar dates unless we are told not to.

  • Please do not come if you are unsure of your health.
  • We will have cleaned all the things we should have and sanitised the heck out of things during our cleaning and setup procedures.
  • Please wash your hands when you arrive and at other appropriate times when in the brewery.
  • You don’t have to sit too close to anyone we have plenty of space.
  • If you wish to just bring your Growlers / pop bottles etc then we can fill them and charge you accordingly. We can give your containers a quick sanitise with Peracetic Acid to protect us, the next person to have a container filled pr a pint poured, and you.
  • We will have our 10Litre Boxes of beer for sale, unless randomly we have sold out… if they do sell out this is a good thing as we need to sell beer to survive!

We appreciated your continued support and please support as many small indie businesses as you can during these testing times. It sounds as though we are in for 4-7+ months of this to be honest, we would really like to have a business left when we get to the right side of it. Then its seriously Party Time!!!