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M-m-m-my Sh(Ca)arona, Small Breweries, Bars, Shops… eek!

There is quite obviously a lot of talk bout Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and we are all waiting for the Government to tell us all to stay indoors for a period of time.

A point about brewery / bar Hygiene.

We make beer, and to make good beer you have to keep everything very clean, this is common practice in breweries. We have masses of written cleaning procedure in place for all brewery processes. We did extra cleaning (disinfection) the brewery bar setup yesterday too and I’m going to go kill everything again this morning before we open to the public. We have always had a Clean Glass policy on our bar, each pour is into a fresh clean glass so there is no person to person contamination. We have loo roll (obviously) and of course hand soap, so please do wash your hands when you arrive and ensure they are washed at other appropriate times while you are drinking with us.
We are backing-up our own bar and serving procedure and advising staff of the importance of sticking to it. Thanks

The Corona Panic plus the Toilet Roll and Hand Soap panic!

Has already set in and we have noticed a marked change in beer sales this week, this means that a lot of people are already practicing ‘Social Distancing’…. for us in the brewery and many other small businesses this means that sales and footfall are already dropping off and you start to wonder how long you can sustain a business before the Government shout LOCK-DOWN! Assuming sales continue to tail off up until that Government shout out its not going to be good for small business and especially the self-employed who don’t get any sick-benefits.
So then when the Shut-down does happen, 1-2 weeks maybe… yeah it will be like the Christmas holidays in December but without the over-eating or presents to unwrap, So we know we can shut down for 2 weeks once a year, its basically like stopping brewing for 1 month with the wind-down then wind-back up into production again.
But what happens in the wind-back-up after a UK Corona Isolation? I dare say that the landscape of how we do things in the UK will have changed and it will be a change that sticks with us for a long time, its going to be something we will all remember as its a world-event. You can predict that people will be affected and we will start on a slow upturn and the country starts to return to a slightly new normality.

So what can we do?

Please try and support your small independent local businesses, they are all going to need support. And indeed, true Local Support within towns with businesses buying local might just be a really sensible way forward. True Local Support will have multiple benefits, instead of many hands and many people delivering the goods you need its just one or two people which also means that if we think of 20-25miles as being local that we actually all contain ourselves and any bugs we may be unwittingly spreading. Greta Thunberg will also be happy because Supporting Local is also very good for food miles so less fuel wasted and not as much pollution screwing up our planet and our health, this is something we all need to be aware of and I’m glad people like Greta are taking a stand, the world and Govt policy need a kick up the arse!

We hope we and all the other small indie businesses out there come out of the other side of all this with our businesses intact!


The fickle nature of the beer and pub industry

I’ll start off by saying this blog post is only about the 1% of customers with the other 99% being pretty good 😉

I’ll do this kinda scenario-based….

  • Brewery sells beer to a pub, the invoice comes with 30 day terms as standard.
  • The Pub has those full 30 days in which to sell the beer and pay their bill.
  • Nearing the end of the 30 day term the brewery issues a polite reminder that their payment date is close.
  • The Pub fails to pay.
  • A week or so later the brewery issues a Late Payment reminder.
  • The Pub fails to pay or respond to the reminder.
  • A week later a further Late payment notice is sen to the pub, these late reminders could take the form of an email, a letter in the post, a text message, an attempt to contact via the phone or a direct message on social media.
  • The Pub fails to pay and ignore all methods of contact, even when they have clicked the Read-Request in their email or you can see an iPhone iMessage has been read or that a message has been seen via social media.
  • Another week later and further, much more stern communications with the pub are sent.
  • Again the Pub fails to pay or respond to any form of contact.

*For us at Wishbone: At this point these ridicules matters are passed to me (Adrian) from my wife (Emma), she finds that Pubs are less likely to take notice of a Woman. That is a shocking state of affairs and, seriously, have a word with yourselves!*

  • Again multiple methods of contact are used to tell the pub in no uncertain terms that if payment isn’t received immediately then matters will be passed to our Debt-recovery Solicitor and they will include all our Solicitor’s fees on top of paying their bill and any late payment fees.

*For us at Wishbone: This is now around the 60 days of non-payment, which is vastly unfair, we have had to be very blunt with our customer and the threat of Solicitor’s being our only next step usually gets the money out of them!

  • This is also sometimes the point where social media and public posting start become a valid means of extracting payment!

*Oh and just to add an extra Insult, the pub pays by Cheque adding even more days onto it before the money comes out of their account! But at least we got paid eh!! FFS!

The simple facts:

  • The Customer agreed to buy beer.
  • The Customer signed a delivery note/invoice that states our payment terms.
  • The Customer sold the beer.
  • We held up our part of the bargain and more than likely uplifted the empty casks too.
  • We need paying for the goods so we can pay our staff and all other associated bills.
  • We spent an extra 30 days, on top of the allowed 30 days, waiting for and trying to get payment.
  • When we finally get payment from the customer we find that the customer decides to fall out with us, take-their-bat-and-ball-home and won’t want to trade with us again.
  • We didn’t do anything wrong, we only ask to be paid for the goods we sold.


The thing we take from all this is that some customers do have ups-and-downs, turnover fluctuates in business, some customers are so laid back, some customers are forgetful and slack… this doesn’t mean they are horrible people ‘cos some of them are lovely.

Yet if you read all the above you will have seen that the main problem is a customers ‘Lack of Communication’ with us at the brewery. If you don’t talk to us the only thing that happens is that you are backing us into a corner with little option but to send in the heavy mob (Solicitors).

It is not worth the added hassle of dealing with people who do not pay on time, it costs us money and causes stress. I think we are pretty lenient at Wishbone, there are lots of companies that would have sent a Solicitor’s letter 10 days after the agreed payment terms.

Thanks for listening, this is a fact of life for Breweries all over the UK. Try to be in the 99% not the 1% 😉



*A little note about a chunk of the Wholesalers beer market, we know some good modern wholesalers who pay with 30 days terms, this is great…. Though with those old Traditional wholesalers, don’t expect to see any money for 60 to 75 days after delivery! Those guys need to get with the times and play fair rather than making the Brewers support their businesses.

2020 Wishbone Homebrew Competition

It’s Homebrew Competition time once again!

This year’s Homebrew competition is to brew a Pale Ale up to 6% (Not an IPA), brewers are free to use any hops, malt or yeast. Our competition is open to any homebrewer who can get here with their beer entries on the day of the competition.
This is a Private Homebrewers-Only event and it NOT a public bar, mates, wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends and dogs all welcome so long as accompanied by a responsible-homebrewer 😉

Again we are supported by the most excellent homebrew shop The Malt Miller, we can only thank Rob for his continued support and that means…. Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place!

Competition Rules:

  • Brew: Pale Ale (Not an IPA) We are wanting a balanced beer
  • ABV: up to 6%
  • Bottles: 3x 500ml Unmarked brown glass bottles (No Swing tops please)
  • Entries: 1 entry per brewer, email your contact details and tell us if you used any speciality ingredients so as to help the judges to
  • Hops & Malts: Entirely the brewers choice
  • Yeast: Entirely the brewers choice
  • Date & Time: Sat 16th May 2020 Doors open 11am, Bar open from 12.00, Judging starts at 13.00, kickout time around 18.00
  • On the day: Bottles to be brought to the brewery between 11.00 & 12.45 on the day of competition (NO Postal entries, we want everyone to come and enjoy the social as much as the competition)
  • Prizes: We will be presenting engraved tankards and certificates and there will be Malt Miller Gift Vouchers too

Again we will be raising money for charity, have 6 handpulls + 2 Keg lines on our brewery bar so we would like 3-4 homebrewers who want to brew a beer for the bar to be served alongside our own beer, all proceeds from the sale of homebrewed and our own beers will be donated to local charity.

Again we will be doing what we can to bring you some beer & brewing related entertainment from people in the brewing industry.

You can find us here:

Wishbone Brewery Limited
2A Worth Bridge Industrial Estate
Chesham Street
West Yorkshire
BD21 4LG

We are a 6min walk from Keighley Railway station and there is a Travel-lodge a similar walk away too for those of you that will be traveling from around the country. Keighley has some great Curry Houses too. We are also on a main bus route with a stop practically at the top of our road.

I’ll update this blog with more details as we confirm things…

Meet the Wishbone staff that make and deliver your beer

Some of you may know us already but for those of you who don’t, we’ll introduce you to our little team!

Adrian is the founder/owner/director and general dogsbody of Wishbone Brewery. He’s been in the brewing industry 10 years now after starting out as a homebrewer but has a mechanical engineering background.
Adrian also runs the Twitter & Instagram accounts for the brewery.
Likes all things beer, cats, synths & peanut butter!

Paul joined us just over two years ago as our delivery driver. Last October he also took on the role of Sales too, so Mon & Tues you’ll find him in the office…then Wed & Thurs you’ll see him out and about delivering our lovely beer to lovely people. You’ll also find him serving behind our brewery bar occasionally.
Paul is also a Web-designer, a keen homebrewer when he finds the time!
Likes all things beer, mince pies & chips!

Oliver joined us at the back end of 2016. Initially taken on as Brewers Assistant…it didn’t take long for Oliver to learn the ins and outs of brewing and he was soon Brewing the beer along with racking the beer and all the other day to day runnings of the brew house! It’s a combination of Adrian & Oliver’s minds that bring you each wonderful beer we brew!
Likes all things beer, football, cats and carrot sticks!

Emma (aka Adrian’s wife), you’ll find her in the office Monday & Tuesdays doing all things admin, book keeping, paying bills, paying wages, printing out orders and generally keeping everyone organised, running the Facebook page and chasing the odd customer for late payments! She is a mobile Cat groomer in the days she is not at Wishbone. She *shockingly* does not drink beer… but likes all things cats,vegan and roast potatoes!

Btw, our next bar date is this Saturday 15th Feb and we will have Mexican Food from Miski Mex, we are open from 12 til 7pm, come and have some beer, grab a bite to eat and if you have any questions about our Crowdfunder then please do ask us, Cheers

Taproom Crowdfunder

Help us open a Wishbone Taproom in our home town of Keighley and bring modern drinks to modern drinkers.

Thanks for watching, we appreciate your help with our venture.

Check our Blog & Socials for updates:

Video by Scott Coulthard

All the details from our Crowdfunder page:

Hi I’m Adrian from Wishbone brewery, We started the brewery in 2015 and were entirely family funded.

We currently open our on-site brewery bar twice each month but we are limited to how often we can do this and its not always that warm being an old industrial building!

Starting a local taproom has been an idea for a while but finances to do this haven’t been available, this is where You come in, we are asking for your support to help us.

We feel there is a gap in the market for an alternative taproom and would like to bring something to the town that would compliment the traditional drinking and be an open, accepting and friendly environment.

This would allow us to showcase our beers in a permanent venue.

We are an independent brewery and will be serving independently brewed beers in our bar from ourselves and other breweries.

Being a small independent business raising the kind of money we need to begin this project is not that easy. Which is why we believe crowdfunding is the best option to raise the funds and get this project up and running, its a way for us to raise the cash and you to get something back in return.

We are hoping to raise £25’000 which will be spent on all the costs of securing premises, fitting out and starting our Taproom.

We hope our venture will help create jobs and bring more people to Keighley.

Check out the rewards!

Here’s the T & C’s….

  • £5 or more donation – does what it says on the tin.
  • £10 Fuzzy warm feeling and a free Pint – You get a Free Pint voucher to spend in our new Taproom.
  • Totes Amazebones – Its a Tote bag! To be collected from the brewery or can be posted to you in the UK.
  • Double your money rewards – You will get a personal discount card and you can spend your reward on half price drinks in our new Taproom.
  • Limited Edition T-shirt – Please state your size and let us know if you require a male or female cut, to be collected from the brewery or can be posted to you in the UK.
  • Wishbone Beanie hat – Please state your size and let us know if you require a male or female cut, to be collected from the brewery or can be posted to you in the UK.
  • Limited Edition Hoodie – Please state your size and let us know if you require a male or female cut, to be collected from the brewery or can be posted to you in the UK.
  • Brewery Tour and beers at the new taproom – fairly self explanatory, 20 rewards = 20 people to come to the brewery at a time and date set by Wishbone for a brewery tour followed by 4 pints of beer in our new Taproom. (This may be split into two groups of 10 to make it easier for people to attend)
  • Free beer pass at a brewery bar date and a T-shirt – £60 worth of beer to drink in the brewery, and you can walk home wearing your new T 😉
  • Private Launch Night No.1 – Free drinks and a T-shirt at the first opening.
  • Private Launch Night No.2 – Free drinks and a T-shirt at the second opening.
  • Brewday Experience – This is on a date to be set for up-to 5 rewardees, we are a working brewery so health and safety is paramount, wet floors, tripping hazards, hot water, chemicals… its all the fun of the fair, NO BEER ALLOWED until the end of the day when we hook up a couple of kegs and relax.
  • Trade-Only Customer Discount 10%, Discount runs for 3 months on Cask & keykeg beers, no other discounts can be used with this discount, all beer prices are standard list prices. The more beer you buy over 3 months the more you save.
  • Mobile cask bar hire and 2x Cask beers – delivered and set up ready for your party / gathering, you will be liable for any loss or damage of equipment.
  • Mobile Keg bar and 6x keg beers –  – delivered and set up ready for your party / gathering, you will be liable for any loss or damage of equipment.
  • Private Hire of the brewery – Date to be agreed with Wishbone brewery, any breakages will be billed for and this does not include food, only wishbone beers and our regularly stocked wines.
  • Design & Brew your own beer – we are a working brewery so health and safety is paramount, wet floors, tripping hazards, hot water, chemicals… its all the fun of the fair, NO BEER ALLOWED until the end of the day when we hook up a couple of kegs and relax. The beer recipe will remain the intellectual property of Wishbone Brewery Limited.

Delivery date for all of the above will be on or just after the time of the new taproom opening, thanks

Tryanuary 2020

Its that time of year again that Pubs and Brewers can feel the pinch, Tryanuary was set up to encourage people to try new drinks, have a change from your go-to pint and see what other beers, pubs and breweries you can find during January.

This year we are having beers on our bar from Horsforth, Meanwood, Nomadic & Wilde Child breweries, then we will have 2 brand new Cask beers and a couple of Kegs.

Food will be from Mozzafella, so thats all about amazing award-winning fresh-baked Pizza.

We hope you will come join us on Saturday 25th, we open at 12.00 and Last orders is around 7.00pm


Greenflute (Not Gluten Free this time)

We have just had the lab results back for Greenflute, it has not attained the correct level to be sold as Gluten Free this time, this does not effect the taste of the beer and its still bloody gorgeous. This batch, Gyle #440 on the Cask Labels, *IS NOT GLUTEN FREE* We will be striking through the Gluten Free line on all pumpclips sold of this batch, and all subsequent emails will have a link to these results.

We used a different malt in this particular brew so we are 99% sure the next brew will be back to how it should be when we revert back to the old malt.
Here are the test results, bear in mind that to pass the test and be considered Gluten Free it has to be 20 ppm or less, this time we hit 32 ppm which is a fail.

This batch of beer will now be branded up as below, Pixie Juice, which would be classed as ‘Very Low Gluten’ as its well below 100ppm, though we aren’t stating that on the pumpclip.

Its Christmassssssss!!!! Sat 14th Dec

Christmas, we will be open Saturday 14th December for all your drinking needs between 12 and 9pm, The Lemontree are on food duty and we will again have the fabulous Haworth Ukulele Group with us for some festive fun. Our mobile keg bar will be on in addition to our regular bar, we hope 8x keg and 6x cask (with beer changes) will be enough to keep you entertained. The very last keg of BA Black Imp 10.2% will be on too!!!!

We are busy building stock of Minikeg beers so these will be available to Order and Pick up before Christmas, I’ll be posting a list of whats available as soon as we’ve done them.

We might just make our full cases of cans a special Christmas price too 😉

The overdue blog post

It seems like a while since my last beer update on here, Paul just doesn’t nag as much as Dawn did!!!

River of Worth 4.6% British Hopped Brown Ale turned out a bit good, we started building in malty toasty flavours from the very start in Oliver’s recipe, so that when we added all the toasted bread all the flavours complimented well with one another. We have Keighley Big Local, Aire Rivers Trust, River Worth Friends and the local Co-Op to thank for doing all the toasting and supply of the waste food that saved it going to landfill. Its a worthy contender for these chilly weeks as the autumn leaves are falling.

Steely Dan Mondays 3.5%, its a Pale ale / Session IPA brewed with Enigma, Citra & Taiheke hops with a nice 6g/Litre Dry hop, brewed especially for the 5th Birthday of The Record Cafe from North Parade, Bradford. This beer is nicely different, and fairly dank, thanks to the Aussie Enigma and New Zealand Taiheke hops. The Record Cafe Birthday weekend runs from 22nd to 24th this weekend!!!

Yeah, its that time of year again soon, we brewed this year’s version of Nigel 4% ‘Hoppy Christmas’ with Cascade, First Gold and Jester hops and it should be even more drinkable than last years, we are taking pre-orders and its already over half sold so be quick if you want a cask, we will also have it on our Christmas Brewery Tap bar and a limited amount of minikegs will also be available to order / buy.

Leading us nicely onto Christmas, we will be open Saturday 14th December for all your drinking needs between 12 and 9pm, The Lemontree are on food duty and we will again have the fabulous Haworth Ukulele Group with us for some festive fun. Our mobile keg bar will be on in addition to our regular bar, we hope 8x keg and 6x cask (with beer changes) will be enough to keep you entertained 🙂 The very last keg of BA Black Imp 10.2% will be on too!!!!


Beer Update, 2.8%, sour, smoke & hops!

As some of you may know Dawn (our sales girl) has gone to pastures new to help her friend out in a cafe, Paul (our Driver) has thankfully agreed to do extra days and take over the sales role too, so our weekly emails will be coming from Paul@…. instead of Dawn@…. If you didn’t get the new email this week then please check your spam folder. Hopefully Dawn will still give me a nudge from time to time to tell me I need to write a new Blog post 😉 But yeah…. thanks to Dawn for always looking after our customers in her typically Dawn way 😉

New beers…

Sky Wizard 2.8% Session IPA, our first go at a low ABV beer, Mashed hot to retain body this beer drinks way stronger than the 2.8%, dry hopped and unfined/Vegan, a trio of hops from America make a very satisfying gob full. Its a bit like brewing a 4% beer all the same ingredients and a heck of a lot of hops. There are a limited number of Casks and mostly keykegs of this beer.

Replacement Tears 4.4% Raspberry Sour, again this is another first for us with our first Sour beer!! And its turned out a treat, Brewed with a Trappist style Belgian yeast a really nice balance of sour and body, the Mosaic & Citra BBC dry hopping takes a back seat with the sour and Raspberries being more upfront, and its a lovely dusky pink colour too. This is almost totally Keykeg beer, and obviously Unfined and Vegan.

I should mention that we have brewed our German-style Smoked beer Boilerplate with a Lager yeast this year and its in Cask and Keykeg, I might even stick one on the brewery bar for this weekend for the Smoke fans. Unfined, Unfiltered & Vegan.

Whimsy 4.7% Session IPA with Enigma, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic hops, brewed with Jim from Salford Beer Fest its tasting great nicely different hop combo that breaks away from a lot of other beers.  Available from next week (apart from in the Manc area as thats for Salford Beer fest only) in cask then a limited amount of keykeg about a week later.

  • A little rundown of the remainder of the year, we have The Lemontree back on the food for our remaining Saturday bars of 2019.
    This Saturday 12th October – 12 til 7pm
  • 9th November – 12 til 7pm, this is going to be an epic bar day as we have soooo much going on, there will be a beer Launch of a Trad-brown Ale made with waste food (Toasted bread to be exact) wich is a tie-in with a Litter-Pick as we did before with the River Worth Friends / Keighley Big Local and Aire Rivers Trust who will be bring river models to look at / play with and there will be a talk too….. then if thats not enough from 5 til 7pm there is a Free Electronic Music Set from MylarMelodies with Eurorack Synth gear.
  • 14th December 12 til 9pm is our Christmas Bar and we have the amazing Haworth Ukulele Group with us again for some raucous festive fun.