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The newish stuff

Usurper 7.2% DDH Rye IPA with Blackberries is ready in both Cask and Keykeg, 15g/Litre Dry Hop done in two stages, the colour in the beer pretty much comes from the Blackberries with a sweetness from the Rye and the aforementioned pretty heavy dry hop from Enigma, Simcoe and Ekuanot. Collab with Torrside Brewery.

This is verion 2 of Wibble IPA, nice simple recipe, tastes flippin’ banging 😉

Look out for Casks and kegs of this beauty, its just on its first dry hop, second will be during this week then Casks available the week after then Keykegs about 10 days later.

Also, see you at the brewery bar on Saturday, The Lemon Tree are back doing the food, Sat 10th November 12 til 7pm Cheers 🙂

Christmas is coming!!!!

Saturday December 15th from 12.00 til 9pm-ish our Brewery Tap Bar is open, we will have food from local guys The Lemon Tree and entertainment from Haworth Ukulele Group for a load of raucous Christmas fun, then later in the day we will have the excellent Jamie Squire from Saltaire. Plenty of beer and of course Nigel of ‘Christmas-Not-Christmas-Beer’ will be on the bar.

Cheers & See you then, please check trains before you travel.

Press Fuss – Ganesh, and Mr Zed

Lets start this off with some facts….

Ganesh brewed around 12th August.
Made aware of possible ‘Cultural appropriation’ via twitter 26th August.
Did some reading up on what ‘Cultural appropriation’ actually is and also learned some things about the Hindu religion and Lord Ganesh.
Made statement on Twitter 26th of August saying we would rename the beer.


…or so you would think…

Roll on to yesterday, 26th October…

7.30am I get a Twitter message from the local paper saying they want to talk to me.
around 9.30am I get a call from a reporter in London.
London reporter emails me this.
Email arrives from local paper.
Local paper phoned for a chat.
Start seeing the online news media picking up the story.
Receive literal exact transcript of Rajan Zed’s statement in email from (I don’t reply because its hard to know if a Gmail account is real or fake)

At this point its starting to be a very weird morning!

On Balance…

This is old news, its no longer a story, it was 2 months ago and we already said we would change the name.
I’ve learned what Cultural Appropriation is and found out that Hinduism sounds like a pretty good religion with a lot of sensible, moderate attitudes in its teachings.
It would have been polite if Mr Rajan Zed had simply emailed or phoned us first then we could have explained that the name had been chosen in all innocence and no offence was meant to anyone, this would have saved him sending the rather sensationalized press release to multiple agencies and it would have been explained that we knew about the name by 26th Aug and had already stated we would change it.

…if I may pick a few points from the Rajan Zed press release:

mercantile greed

We are a very small company, we don’t see ourselves nor ever want to, as a profiteering company.

Moreover, linking Lord Ganesh with an alcoholic beverage was very disrespectful where he seemed to be in the company of beers named “Rascal”, “Bandit”, etc.

Rascal – “Ooo, He’s a cheeky little rascal” Its like a Grandma talking to their cheeky little grandson.
Bandit – We used to have a Siamese cat, he was called Bandit, he had really big Maaaaws and was ace.

Here is a passage from a website I was reading –

Does one have to abstain from alcohol to be a Hindu?

Certainly not. But to be a good Hindu one should learn to use substances like alcohol with restraint and knowledge of their potential side effects.

What amazingly wise words and something we should all remind ourselves of from time to time.

Please don’t be shy about other people’s religious beliefs, talk, ask questions, learn, Google it, read.

Should we ever happen to brew this beer again I hope Mr Rajan Zed approves of our tribute to him and the teachings of Hinduism. And Mr Zed, if you are ever in Keighley, Yorkshire, England you are very welcome to call in and tour our little family-funded brewery.

Phone Interview with Miran –
Phone Interview with Rick Goodman +Emails –
Phone Interview with The Press Trust of India –

Leave SIBA or simply Don’t join!

One of our most popular tweets ever has been this one which is us saying we are no longer members of SIBA. So I thought i would put the transcript here so it doesn’t just fall off the twitter timeline and can be Googled easier. I’ve added a few notes too.

We are officially no longer SIBA members #LeaveSIBA One reason is too much contradiction between them saying they support a fair price for beer then unreservedly supporting and promoting massively discounted beer in Wetherspoons. (Simply to promote their ‘Assured Independent Craft Brewer’ Logo (Waste of time))


SIBA beer festivals / competitions have too great of a caveat with the request for Free Beer and then penalties if you are a small brewer with limited staffing and cannot supply volunteers. (Sounds like a load of balls if you ask me)


SIBA’s DDS/Beerflex has never seemed appealing with the entry costs being too high, the prices paid for beer being too low and an ever decreasing base of tied pubs (being turned into Tesco and ASDA! or Landlords being priced out of business)


We also thought that their Discounted Beermat offer would have been cheaper than dealing direct wit the printer but its exactly the same so not really a discount offer at all.


The SIBA membership is obviously too busy making good beer to get involved and change SIBA for the better so that leaves the bigger brewers to take control and steer the organisation and its aims away from the benefit of the small brewer.


SIBA is too closely in bed with Tied Pubcos and the likes of *Heineken to be focused on small brewers or championing a Fully Freehouse Pub culture in the UK. *Starpubs were the main sponsor of SIBA’s BeerX!


SIBA is all about paying out your hard earned cash and selling cheap beer, its a Trade Body where the aim is to sell beer to the lowest bidder! Then be controlled by that bidder to pressure prices even further. (Sounds fair right?)


I read thought the FSQ check list and thought, “well, we do most of this anyway” without paying £300 a year. And its ONLY useful (required) for selling via siba! (If you want a worthwhile accreditation it is better to do more and pay more with something like ‘SALSA for Beer’ which will allow you to be positioned better to access supermarkets, if that is your thing)

I knew we weren’t going to get along from our very first SIBA meeting in Leeds, its really not me, its you 😉

Its high time there was a trade body that fully supported and represented the smaller brewers of the UK because its simply not SIBA anymore! If you are a member of SIBA and you see the things above, as I do, I would urge you to cancel your membership when its renewal date comes around, ask yourself, “Have I gained anything from being a SIBA member?” If you are a new brewer or a brewer that is pondering joining SIBA then don’t bother.
We need a trade body that will support all small brewers & Landlords and fight for a fully free of tie beer system in the UK.



I’ve probably blogged or hinted about this before and if you follow us on Instagram you will see a few videos, what I’m hoping to do is make our own promo video for our as yet unreleased Crowdfunder page. I’ll be trying hard not to talk directly to camera so expect a montage of video clips with a voice-over and maybe even a little background music to replace the brewery background noise.

As with most things in this brewery, if we can do them ourselves we will; Building work, fitting a chiller system, plumbing, graphic design, fitting the bar out, building a mobile bar etc. All this saved us needing to have extra money to start and run our brewery, that said, we spent up all we had on getting up and running and not the monthly ebb and flow of business doesn’t seem to gain us the elusive chunk of money to dedicate towards a Canning or Bottling run and there is always something that crops up to draw money away from our goal.
If we could turn back the clock by 4 years we would buy less fermenting vessels, maybe cheaper ones and have used that money to get into Bottling way sooner, everything is good in hindsight.

This is where you come in and the geeky video, and the trying to avoid to talk to camera… Oh and Crowdfunder! We want to try and raise a fairly minimal *£3000, that is 60 people willing to pledge £50 which will get us over the first step into small-packaged beer, that will get us into Bottle shops and bar fridges, let us do proper off-sales from the brewery and not to mention help us open doors to pubs and wholesalers who want to try before they buy.

*Approx £3000 will pay for a Mobile Canner to come to site, pay for all the printing and Labeling costs and also pay for the packaging of cans into boxes. Thats over 3000 Bottles of beer.

We like the idea of Crowdfunder pledgees getting back what they put in so if you pledge for a package thats worth £50 you will eventually get back £50-worth of beer, there will of course be other packages ranging in value and also with things like Brewday Experiences, T-Shirts etc,  maybe even a beer of your own, maybe a certain level of Pledge will get you our brewery tap for a big party for you and all your mates.

We don’t want to limit ourselves with an initial Crowdfunder amount of £3000, if we double that it gives us the prospect of further investment…
£3000 reached we will pretty much get 1200 litres of a single beer Canned.
£6000 reached we should be able to Can multiple beers.
£12000+ if the unthinkable happens and we smash our other targets I see it that we have to make a choice between brewery improvements like buying a Cold Liquor tank or maybe a Conditioning Tank or we will start a **Micropub to properly showcase our beers and those of other independent brewers. The Micropub idea would give the Pledgers who want their ‘investment of goodwill’  back via beer a great outlet to pop in and make a Good-will withdrawal 😉 I guess the other bonus of a Micropub will be that it will create jobs and potentially improve an empty retail shop giving it a new lease of life.

**To be honest, maybe if we smash £6k we should look at a Micropub! Give us your thoughts!And if we do get to do a Micropub, think lots of Keg taps a few Handpulls, Bottles, Cans, Great coffee, food? maybe!

We would love to hear from you if you would be interested in helping our small brewery grow in a sustainable fashion, you can talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email

We are 3!

We commenced brewing on 28th of August 2015 after nearly 9 months of hard graft turning our premises into a modern brewery, we hope you will come celebrate our 3rd Birthday with us on Saturday 15th September.
Our brewery bar will be open from 12noon til 7pm, maybe a little longer 😉

We will have the lovely local folk from Horse Box Pizza doing the food and some mid afternoon entertainment from talented local singer Charlotte Harris.

Oh and we did say FREE BEER didn’t we!! For the first 5oish drinkers through our brewery doors there will be a free beer and you can choose anything from our Handpulled or kegged beers 🙂

We wouldn’t be where we are without our loyal drinkers and a bunch of excellent Pub-trade customers, so, Thanks.

We are considering doing a bit of Crowdfunding to help us into the Canned-beer market which we hope will push us a step nearer to having the small stable business that we set out to be, we would love to hear your thoughts on whether you would help us achieve our goal so do come and talk to us at our Birthday Brewery Tap on 15th September or email us


Untappd as a (is a) Tool

I think I’ve posted before about the comments and ratings that people give via Untappd.

Untappd never ceases to amaze, we can get glowing lovely comments and lots of Stars then the same beer in the same venue can get an anomalous review and rating, which makes you wonder why.
You worry that maybe the drinker has detected a fault in the beer, I’d be more than happy to phone the pub and get them to take a beer off sale if there is any issue as its better than anything being sold when its not right.

This was a ‘less than 1 Star’ rating.
You begin to question why people that don’t like certain styles of beer continue to try them, you can see a common theme in the checkins that these drinkers make, if they don’t like IPAs then their checkin 5-stars will go to that malty best bitter, ‘cos thats the style they prefer.
Surely it is more sensible to NOT RATE something you already know you don’t like?

Then there is another group of Untappd drinkers that have this pre-set expectation of all beers, so rather than tasting a beer on its merits alone you set your bar up at ‘Cloudwater’ level and expect all other beers to match.
Here’s a recent couple from the same drinker.

I struggle with comments like this, and you read their other beer checkins and find similar comments that seem to expect something way before even taking a sip. Yet the Star ratings are actually pretty good.

I’ll admit that I do occasionally slate some supermarket-bought beer, then things that are Branded up to look like ‘Craft’ then when you taste it its way-way of the mark industrial, mass-produced, homogenised blandness. So I am no angel.

I think its good to drink beer with an open mind.
How will you ever be satisfied with a pint if you buy things you know you don’t like or set your bar so high that everything lesser is just pants?

…and Yes, I did respond in kind to the two reviews above.
I will happily show any of these drinkers around our little brewery and have a chat face to face to help me understand their thought process while Drinking / Reviewing. Maybe we all need educating a little.

Its only beer. Ha! (Its clearly a passion, and one that turned into a business)


I get told off if i don’t regularly write a blog!

Every week I don’t do a brewery blog post I get told off by our sales girl Dawn, she likes me to keep everyone up-to-date with goings on and new beer happenings in the brewery, she even likes a bit of rant, though I’ll try keep that to a minimum and if it does happen it only happens because I care deeply about our little business and the state of our UK brewing industry.


Squelch, its a 3.5% Session IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo, Motueka and a hint of Bravo, its got a fairly firm bitterness and its unfined, vegan and quite possibly hazy, dry hopped to a similar level as Bleep… this is the kinda the little brother of Bleep.

Next up is….

Wibble (Yeah its from a Blackadder scene) its a blend of Simcoe & Ekuanot hops which I had an excellent beer from Cromarty Brewing while up in Edinburgh. Its turned out pretty dank with all the Simcoe in it, a proper gob full of dank mouth-coating hops, unfined, vegan and hazy 5.2%

Coming very soon…. to a Cap & Collar near you on keykeg!

Dassler, this is our new NZ Helles lager using Motueka hops, hits of tartness from the Acidulated malt, a nice spicy bitterness from the Saaz-related Motueka hopping, we almost called this a Pils…. we almost called it all manner of things while trying to name it. Dassler comes from the innovative brothers that created Adidas and Puma, they were a couple of shoe makers… this fits well because my Grandad was a Cobbler 🙂 4.2% Unfined & Unfiltered (Casks are Fined).

Happy now Dawn?

Wishbone & Bingley Breweries Brewery Tap

Saturday 14th July, thats next weekend in case you wondered, Wishbone are hosting and Bingley Brewery are bringing their bar down to Keighley, two brewers, two bars, entertainment from Singer Jamie Squire from Saltaire and Streetfood from Southern Manny Flavaz… think fried Chicken and Waffles then some tasty Vegan treats too 🙂

Bar open 12 til 10pm-ish, about 12 tasty beers to sup your way through from us and Bingley 🙂


Cask Beer Survey Results

I would really like this to have gone far and wide, there are 2000+ brewers in the UK so imagine the results we would see if we could engage with them all.
So, as I said all the results would be made freely available, no email addresses will be used for anything and the results will not be picked through on an individual level… ‘cos thats just not fair!

You can see the results HERE.

And for those of you who still want to complete the survey it is still running so you can do that HERE.

The things we can see so far…

  • 90% of those who responded run a brewery no bigger than 10bbl brewkit.
  • 84% of those who responded produce no more than 20bbl of beer a week.
  • 74% of those brewers have no more than 3 employees.
  • A massive 62% of breweries have a Brewery Tap, Pub, bar, bottle shop.
  • 62% of Brewers are SIBA members.
  • 68% of those that responded don’t think its important to be a SIBA member.
  • Its a relatively even split on whether or not brewers discount to gain sales.
  • 74% of Brewers DO NOT price their beers to take into account giving a discount.
  • 56% of Brewers think Beer Wholesalers should pay the cost of having a pallet of beer delivered.
  • 48% of those that responded said they wouldn’t sell enough beer if the FULL Beer Duty rate was charged, 46% said ‘Maybe’.

You can check out the cask pricing splits for yourselves, its a little more complex but shows that all beers are different, all brewers production costs are different, I think it is fair for landlords to appreciate that everyone is different and there is no longer a cover-all price or ABV-lead structure that can dictate what modern beer should cost. *back to this old Chestnut eh 😉