Different Unit and now a drain survey

I’ve been looking at another unit just a couple of doors down from the 5000 sq/foot one I mentioned previously, at firs glance the ceiling height was all wrong and looked rather dim and pokey even though it was only 500 sq/foot smaller. I got to look at the first floor unit too which is a massive 9000 sq/foot but having an entire brewery on the first floor sounded like a total manual-handling nightmare. i left feeling a bit disheartened as the 5000 sq/foot unit I had looked at was to be taken by someone else who didn’t need to instate drainage.

I slept on it and started to wonder if I could work with some of the ground floor height restrictions, did a lot of emailing back and forth with the fabricators to see if we could build vessels to fit, so finally happy that it would be possible to install vessels in this ground floor unit.

A few things clicked into place, the offer of a forklift from the landlord and the use of the first floor unit as a malt loft and dry goods storage.

I am now waiting for a camera drain survey to be done so that we can confirm that a drain connection can be made and we can turn these units into a brewery.

The future potential of me taking on both ground and first floor units is I would have sole access to both from the street outside and thoughts of a brewery tap on the first floor, I’d create a bar made of OSB cladding and polished cast concrete bar top keeping things looking industrial like the old Sir James Hill buildings have been.

Interesting thoughts…