The Drains are in!

Builder on site! The drains went in the other week and this coming week the concrete screed falls (sloping floor) will be created, then when the concrete has cured and dried the Ultrasyntec floor guys can come and lay the polyurethane screed and make us look all posh 🙂

Thursday drainage progress

We are still decorating walls and ceilings, still building block-work cold store walls and have a number of holes to patch up around the building along with completing the concrete plinth.

Soon we can start work on the chiller system once we get the chiller unit into its permanent location. The malt loft needs some TLC, the aforementioned holes to patch up in walls, cleaning, cladding, painting to do.

The Chinese still haven’t shipped, really need them to get a move on as once the posh floor goes down we need to get brewing asap!