Keighley as a beer destination

How’s about this for an idea for Keighley Brewers, Pubs and the town in general…

Brewing is a pretty friendly business and this Keighley Worth Valley Railway Steam & Ale Trail event gets me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if the breweries and pubs of Keighley somehow worked together to bring Keighley back to being a ‘Destination for Beer’, to have a common goal which would help support the local economy.
I’m not saying I know how to do it but would like to see Keighley mentioned with the likes of Huddersfield for its pubs, just look at all the pubs in Keighley and think how good it could actually be, a Real Ale & *Ahem* Craft Beer utopia. I’ll quote the ‘Sparrow effect’ here and how that the introduction of The Sparrow Bar to North Parade in Bradford kick-started a mini revolution.
There are at least 20 historic pubs within walking distance that if all of them served well made independently brewed beer our little town might just start changing.

A pipe dream, maybe… just throwing the idea out there, this is only a blog post after all.

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