Craft Beer

Yeah, yeah I know I have babbled on about “Is it Craft Beer?” before and I’m still not convinced that someone can put a definition to it.

SIBA have recently brought out their certification of ‘Assured Independent British Craft Brewer‘, of which we are signed up to, but as far as I can see there is no solid meaning other than that you are independently owned and operated with scale of production not really in the equation or the beer you produce.

siba-aibcb-logo_black_smallIf I was to set a scale factor on how big your brewkit can be to be allowed in the ‘Craft Beer’ club I would say 30BBL (approximately 5000 litres) per brew though unlimited on the amount of times you brew each week.

Everyone wants Craft Beer to be something more than session blandness, more of a movement or an ethos generated by brewers and drinkers who discerningly crave for flavour in all its forms and modes of presentation.

So with all that in mind we will be brewing a light-hearted piss-take beer named ‘Pastiche’, we may do a ‘Homage’ to the worthy sometime too, its going to have lots of Citra, Simcoe & Galaxy with an up-to 5g/litre dry hop and we’re not going to fine it either so suck that up!


Tell us whether you think it is craft beer or not, it will be a small brew for cask, I guess we could think to carbonated it and put it in KeyKeg… but thats a whole other kettle of fish KEGS! Just because you put bubbles in a beer and keg it does not instantly turn it into Craft Beer or Craft Keg.
‘Fizzy beer’ isn’t an appealing term for any beer *Hashtag #EvilKeg* 🙂 The carbonation creates an effervescence that helps present the aroma and flavour followed by mouth-feel in somewhat the same way as a Sparkler does on a traditional Handpull. Bla Bla Bla 🙂 We hope you enjoy this beer, look out for it in October.