Pipe Dreams

We currently have a little survey running over on Twitter asking if you think our brewery in Keighley would be a good place to have a permanent Brewery Tap, we would love to hear your thoughts on the subject, so give your vote, ask your friends, share the post on your social media.
Its probably a case of when you start a business your ideas are usually 2 to 3 steps ahead of where your current goals or projects are. When we originally signed the premises lease we took the First Floor on along with the Ground Floor because it looked like there might be potential in the future.

Weighing up if doing an almost complete renovation of a section of the first floor with the change of use from Industrial to Mixed use coupled with staff wages, training, creation of cellar/coldstore, bar, seating, tables, lighting, electrics, decorating, new windows, creation of toilet facilities, fire escape, emergency lighting and not to mention proper access that does not interfere with our current processes, plus signage, branding, Heating (Yeah, keeping folks warm would be great!!)… weighing up if all that would actually benefit the area and our business.

Thanks for your time, we appreciate your feedback.