A Core Range

I vaguely scrolled passed something on social media the other day about Core Ranges and with various companies and associations expecting you to have a core range.

We started out with Blonde, Bandit, Divination, Abyss & Gumption we consider this our core range. But there is always something new try so it makes it hard keep, what we first considered, our core range in stock though we do try to do have a range that tick enough boxes for our customers. There is usually a brew that people are asking for or waiting for us to brew again, which is nice.
Things change, well apart from Blonde & Abyss maybe, you could think of Flux stepping into Bandit’s shoes and Drover is hot on the heels of Gumption, we have FOUR new Blonde beers on the brewplan too just to throw a Brewer’s RJT Spanner in the works we will no doubt do a #BreweryTap Blonde Fest!

Other bits of news…

Doing our first few keg-conditioned beers is letting us see the ultimate limits (Terminal Gravity) of our fermentations which is really good and allowing us to fine tune our recipes and process, my inner geek is happy 🙂 We get to tweak our mash temperature and duration, tweaks to starting and finishing gravity, the amount of yeast we pitch, all of which helps bring more accurate consistency to what we make.
To explain that, for Keg beers we totally ferment out the beer so it won’t ferment any more, prime a batch with dissolved sugar and pump into Keykegs before keeping warm for 7-10 days while they warm condition to carbonate. This lets us accurately set the carbonation level of our Keg-conditioned beers and vary the amount of carbonation to suit the style of beer and goes really well with Unfined, Unfiltered, Unpasteurised & Naturally carbonated. (Though we have nothing against adding co2 under pressure)

Parallax DIPA sold amazingly well, yet again this illustrates my point that the availability of hops that drinkers like the flavours of sells beer. We have another DIPA recipe on the brewplan using different hops and going to go a little heavier on the dry hopping this time too 12g/Litre into a 7.5% beer.

This week we brew a Collaboration beer with Thirst Class Ale and its going to be no holds barred using a shed load of Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic for the dry hop 🙂