Brewery bar prices

Yeaaaa the good old brewery bar, no frills pints twice a month.

Last week we had a meeting with our accountant, we found that running the bar twice a month is what in our first full tax-year of trading pushed us just slightly into profit. Not that we recall seeing it in our bank account as all we take is enough to pay our mortgage and household bills and there isn’t any extravagance.

Cask Ale per pint:
As we did at the very end of 2016 for our trade prices, adjusting for our materials and running costs and balancing the margins across our cask prices, we plan to do something similar to our Brewery Bar prices at the end of 2017. We will do this in the fair manner which we balanced our trade cask prices, some beers will stay the same and some will increase to reflect the costs incurred in producing them. It will be a mix of ABV (Beer Duty) + Materials (Hops, Malt, Yeast etc) + Time (Dry Hopping time or even Lagering time) though we will try and keep this as sensible as possible for the sake of giving change etc

Keg Beer per pint:
Keg beers will be more and priced per beer, the added cost of the Keykegs and, the time taken to fill them plus a week of Warm-conditioning all adds up so we need to be sure we don’t sell ourselves short over the bar. Keg Beer prices will be set from the out-set, read on…

With fingers crossed, I should have our 2-font keg bar up and running for Saturday 17th Brewery Tap giving us the ability to serve 6 cask and 2 keg beers at once, here’s what its cost thus far setting up:

  • Pipe fittings for the font – £50
  • Spray paint – £25
  • Keg taps x2 – £30
  • Beer-Line Cooler – £150 from ebay
  • Beer Python pipe – £20 a couple of off-cuts
  • Wood to build a backboard for cellar gear and shelf to keep the beer cooler off the floor – £40
  • Gas-pipeing, Fob-detectors, Flowjet, Cleaning sockets, JG fittings, Beer line, Gas-Regulators – £350
  • Air Compressor – £170
  • Keykeg Couplers – £100

A grand total of about £900 to set up to serve 2x keg beers, add in some time & effort too! Its proper easy to fitter away a grand or so on what you think are simple, easy projects. This does add value to what we do on our bar days and we get to bring you, the drinker, a greater range and more exciting beers each time we open, we also get a quick way to taste our own keg beers rather than having to find them out in trade hoping to get to try a pint!

New beers to look out for…

More to follow later in the month 😉