If all pubs were Free Houses

As a business we have decided that we don’t want to sell to Wetherspoons or via SIBA into Tied Pubcos, we do sell to Wholesalers by the pallet load as they are the thicker end of the wedge versus McSpoons & Pubcos who wont pay anything like a fair price for beer.
If you consider Wetherspoons a ‘Free House’ it is, but only in so much as so long as you sell your soul for a low margin almost any approved brewer can sell to them, so I feel they shouldn’t be fully classed as real Free House Pubs.

Is the rise of the Micropub going to ever tighten the screws on Tied Pubs? Will the pub-tie eventually just fall apart? If the Pub-Tie system was outlawed when we leave Europe how would the market change?

I’m not even slagging off tied pubs, there are many great tied pubs that we would like to see our beer on the bar of, so my opening statement is somewhat ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face’, we do hope that sticking with these beliefs will keep our brand true and undiluted.

If all pubs were free to buy beer from whoever they choose it has be good for local the economy.

And… in other news!
In about 10 days or so our collab with The West Riding Refreshment Rooms in Dewsbury ‘Cellar Dweller’ will be ready in Unfiltered, Unfined and keg-Conditioned along with some casks, 7.5% with lots of Ekuanot & Citra. Double Black IPA or Double India Black Ale as we prefer…