2 years old!

On 28th August we silently passed our 2nd Birthday, we should probably be celebrating that with a special brewday or an event or something.
As it happens it was Emma’s Birthday so we were in Scotland on holiday leaving our small skilled team of minions to fend for themselves (Oliver, Dawn & Dave).

Its been an entertaining couple of years and there is always something to think about, we brewed around 47 different beers and about 187 brewdays in that time, that 200th brew is fairly close too so we have Oliver working on a Milk Stout recipe which will almost tie-in with his 1 year anniversary of working with us.

We’d like to thank all our customers for letting us try our ideas out on you, special mentions to The Cap & Collar in Saltaire and The Boathouse in Skipton.

2 years have passed and we still haven’t got any beer in bottle! Sorry about that, its a whole side of the business we have yet to develop. Since the start of this year our kegged beer range has grown, having our little tank for doing small batch keg-conditioned beers is great, we are still working on having a more consistent marketplace to sell them into… if we were bottling already the marketplace for Keg & Cask would have already been much more open as we would have been able to give bottled samples away which would open doors to customers that won’t buy before they try!

We’ll get there eventually!

Divination IPA got brewed for the first time this year and will be available in Cask from Monday, keg-conditioned 30L KeyKegs will be ready about 10 days from now. In some ways I feel the”Core Range” is a thing of the past, we have re-jigged our hop contracts to leave us more open to change for 2018.

We brewed with Motueka hops from New Zealand this week in what I’d like to think of as a Fake-Lager (Working title, Faux-One, yeah it might be a bit of a shit name!) We mashed at quite a cool temperature to help the beer finish with a nice crisp dry edge to it and we will be dry hopping this beer subtly in the FV before casking and kegging.

Our mobile bar is taking shape, though the coming weeks I need to work on the back-bar which will have 6 keg taps on it to compliment the 2 handpulls we have for the mobile front bar.

Cheers 🙂