Brewery Tap Prices

From our first Brewery Tap day of January 2018 we will be tweaking our prices bar prices to better reflect prices charged in the local area. The ‘baseline’ is the price per pint we charge for Handpulled Beers and will be increased by 50p.
The exceptions to the baseline are Ingredients and Time, we could make some low ABV beers that we use a much greater amount of ingredients in and take longer in tank before being racked to cask, we will increase the price of any such beer to reflect what has gone into it.

We hope this baseline increase will let us save up enough money to get batches of beer put into Can or Bottle so we can grow our business a little in 2018.

This will also lessen my hypocrisy when I continually tell people that beer is too cheap!

Cheers for a good 2017, onward and hopefully upward to 2018.