Cask Beer Survey Results

I would really like this to have gone far and wide, there are 2000+ brewers in the UK so imagine the results we would see if we could engage with them all.
So, as I said all the results would be made freely available, no email addresses will be used for anything and the results will not be picked through on an individual level… ‘cos thats just not fair!

You can see the results HERE.

And for those of you who still want to complete the survey it is still running so you can do that HERE.

The things we can see so far…

  • 90% of those who responded run a brewery no bigger than 10bbl brewkit.
  • 84% of those who responded produce no more than 20bbl of beer a week.
  • 74% of those brewers have no more than 3 employees.
  • A massive 62% of breweries have a Brewery Tap, Pub, bar, bottle shop.
  • 62% of Brewers are SIBA members.
  • 68% of those that responded don’t think its important to be a SIBA member.
  • Its a relatively even split on whether or not brewers discount to gain sales.
  • 74% of Brewers DO NOT price their beers to take into account giving a discount.
  • 56% of Brewers think Beer Wholesalers should pay the cost of having a pallet of beer delivered.
  • 48% of those that responded said they wouldn’t sell enough beer if the FULL Beer Duty rate was charged, 46% said ‘Maybe’.

You can check out the cask pricing splits for yourselves, its a little more complex but shows that all beers are different, all brewers production costs are different, I think it is fair for landlords to appreciate that everyone is different and there is no longer a cover-all price or ABV-lead structure that can dictate what modern beer should cost. *back to this old Chestnut eh 😉