I get told off if i don’t regularly write a blog!

Every week I don’t do a brewery blog post I get told off by our sales girl Dawn, she likes me to keep everyone up-to-date with goings on and new beer happenings in the brewery, she even likes a bit of rant, though I’ll try keep that to a minimum and if it does happen it only happens because I care deeply about our little business and the state of our UK brewing industry.


Squelch, its a 3.5% Session IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo, Motueka and a hint of Bravo, its got a fairly firm bitterness and its unfined, vegan and quite possibly hazy, dry hopped to a similar level as Bleep… this is the kinda the little brother of Bleep.

Next up is….

Wibble (Yeah its from a Blackadder scene) its a blend of Simcoe & Ekuanot hops which I had an excellent beer from Cromarty Brewing while up in Edinburgh. Its turned out pretty dank with all the Simcoe in it, a proper gob full of dank mouth-coating hops, unfined, vegan and hazy 5.2%

Coming very soon…. to a Cap & Collar near you on keykeg!

Dassler, this is our new NZ Helles lager using Motueka hops, hits of tartness from the Acidulated malt, a nice spicy bitterness from the Saaz-related Motueka hopping, we almost called this a Pils…. we almost called it all manner of things while trying to name it. Dassler comes from the innovative brothers that created Adidas and Puma, they were a couple of shoe makers… this fits well because my Grandad was a Cobbler 🙂 4.2% Unfined & Unfiltered (Casks are Fined).

Happy now Dawn?