Cans Ready

Our first canned beers had a really good reception at our Tryanuary Bar day yesterday, it was quite a thing seeing people cracking open a can and filling their glasses.

Can info:

All cans come in 12 x 330ml cases.
We used ThemThatCan and their mobile canning machine to fill the cans.
We got really good DO (Dissolved Oxygen) results.
All cans are Unfiltered, Unfined and Vegan.
Cans contain live yeast.
Best Before Date is 12 months from Canning Date.

Zoikes 4.2% American Pale is the steady drinker, bags of flavour but nothing too in-yer-face. Can-conditioned.

Dassler 4.2% NZ Helles Lager is our most popular lager to date, clean and crisp but still well-bodied. Mostly naturally carbonated via Spunding in the Fermenting vessel with just a little top up with Co2 top pressure.

Cloudy with a chance of hops 5.9% New England IPA is definitely more in-yer-face and dry hopped at 2 stages in the fermenter. Can-Conditioned.

All being well….

We sell plenty of cans and can afford the next canning run then I can start worrying about extra cold storage for keeping our cans fresh and the potential knock-on effects that could cause. Stuff like the obvious (Cheapest) place to make or extend our cold store would wipe out our Brewery Tap Bar!!!