Beer Update, 2.8%, sour, smoke & hops!

As some of you may know Dawn (our sales girl) has gone to pastures new to help her friend out in a cafe, Paul (our Driver) has thankfully agreed to do extra days and take over the sales role too, so our weekly emails will be coming from Paul@…. instead of Dawn@…. If you didn’t get the new email this week then please check your spam folder. Hopefully Dawn will still give me a nudge from time to time to tell me I need to write a new Blog post 😉 But yeah…. thanks to Dawn for always looking after our customers in her typically Dawn way 😉

New beers…

Sky Wizard 2.8% Session IPA, our first go at a low ABV beer, Mashed hot to retain body this beer drinks way stronger than the 2.8%, dry hopped and unfined/Vegan, a trio of hops from America make a very satisfying gob full. Its a bit like brewing a 4% beer all the same ingredients and a heck of a lot of hops. There are a limited number of Casks and mostly keykegs of this beer.

Replacement Tears 4.4% Raspberry Sour, again this is another first for us with our first Sour beer!! And its turned out a treat, Brewed with a Trappist style Belgian yeast a really nice balance of sour and body, the Mosaic & Citra BBC dry hopping takes a back seat with the sour and Raspberries being more upfront, and its a lovely dusky pink colour too. This is almost totally Keykeg beer, and obviously Unfined and Vegan.

I should mention that we have brewed our German-style Smoked beer Boilerplate with a Lager yeast this year and its in Cask and Keykeg, I might even stick one on the brewery bar for this weekend for the Smoke fans. Unfined, Unfiltered & Vegan.

Whimsy 4.7% Session IPA with Enigma, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic hops, brewed with Jim from Salford Beer Fest its tasting great nicely different hop combo that breaks away from a lot of other beers.  Available from next week (apart from in the Manc area as thats for Salford Beer fest only) in cask then a limited amount of keykeg about a week later.

  • A little rundown of the remainder of the year, we have The Lemontree back on the food for our remaining Saturday bars of 2019.
    This Saturday 12th October – 12 til 7pm
  • 9th November – 12 til 7pm, this is going to be an epic bar day as we have soooo much going on, there will be a beer Launch of a Trad-brown Ale made with waste food (Toasted bread to be exact) wich is a tie-in with a Litter-Pick as we did before with the River Worth Friends / Keighley Big Local and Aire Rivers Trust who will be bring river models to look at / play with and there will be a talk too….. then if thats not enough from 5 til 7pm there is a Free Electronic Music Set from MylarMelodies with Eurorack Synth gear.
  • 14th December 12 til 9pm is our Christmas Bar and we have the amazing Haworth Ukulele Group with us again for some raucous festive fun.