Phasers to Stun

Phasers to Stun

As a company and personally we want to be in a society where there is tolerance towards the whole human race.

We’ve been thinking about writing a statement and talked it over and you can think of this like Voting in a General Election, if you don’t vote you don’t have a chance changing the way our little island is run and the values that we should all try to live up to, no one is perfect but we should all try. If we don’t put out a statement about intolerance we are simply not voting, not helping change, and not benefiting our communities or our future generations.

We must act on intolerance and imbalance where we find it in Race, Religion and Sexuality.

We respect and embrace all Races, Religions and Sexualities. We are all of the same Human Race and we’ll only make it a better world if we work together.

The ‘Phasers to Stun’ title, Star Trek has quite a Utopian ethos, there may be battles and not everyone gets on, but the overriding theme stays the same ‘we must try hard to be better than those which have gone before for the benefit of all’.