The 2nd Sales email in 12 weeks

I’m putting today’s email on here for all to see, lets face it not everyone is checking email so here’s the it is in all its honesty…

Hello all,
I’ll kick this off by saying, ONLY email INFO@WISHBONEBREWERY.CO.UK we can pick this up from anywhere and it make answering any questions a load easier and you’ll actually get a prompt response.

Little by little we seem to be seeing an increase in Trade orders, some of you are changing the way you do business and plodding on in a relatively positive manner, which is great to see. This ties in with some of our Home Delivery sales slowing down. The Furlough-Honeymoon period may be coming to an end and people feel less like they are on holiday!!
We are still just me (Adrian) working and so far its covering our bills and also I’m managing to take my minimal wage from it.
While we are ignoring paying our Business Rates we are managing to tick over, though at present we are no where near covering the 3 other staff wages. This is something we are working on with booking Canning slots for getting our beers into small pack.

We appreciate any support you can give us and you’ll find our stock list PDF attached (First come first served basis)

A new brew of Unfunk Citra Amarillo 2-hop Combo IPA 5.5% went into Cask last week and I brewed a fresh batch of Tiller Pin 4.2% yesterday which will be back in cask stock in a couple of weeks.

Our Firkin stock can be turned into Bag-in-Box stock and also certain beers into Minikegs –

We have a total of about £6k in Unpaid invoices mostly from before lockdown, if this email reaches you then please do talk to us.


*Just to clarify the “£6k in Unpaid invoices” thats Money owed to us which it would be great to get in.