Beer Samples Feedback

I’m going to transfer a bunch of tweets into this blog for a bit of further sharing.

Thread: So guys, we have spent hundreds of pounds sending beer samples to pubs, bars & Bottleshops (lots more still to send out), could some of you be kind enough to give us some honest feedback please. We would appreciate a quick ‘Thanks for the beers’. RT’s appreciated.

We’re not a pushy brewery and don’t want to stress anyone out as we realise that timing of all this has turned out a bit odd! We’d value your feedback, good, bad or indifferent. *This tweet does not include the Beer folk / Bloggers / nice people we know that we sent samples to*

Let us know how would best to communicate with you regarding these beer samples, drop us a line in an email, get back to us on social media, even Untappd and say which venue you are from. It all helps.

We are basically trying very hard to put our Beer Cans under the noses of beer businesses. We need some form of acknowledgement that is more than just the UPS Package Tracking, so we get to know you got the beers ok and will be trying them.

Without feedback we may as well just be throwing Tenners into the river that we could have spent on something better to support our business through these weird times. So this is me trying to be very polite and asking for feedback, we sent you beer! Drink it! Let us know.

And the last little bit is… Thanks to the folks that have got back to us with feedback, social media posts, even orders. Its very much appreciated.

We have lots more samples to send out and we need to know its worth the effort, stress and money of it all. Cheers

Hat tip to #CraftBeerHour Tom for Listing us on his site –
And mega-thanks to all who have bought our Cans and are getting them out into the wider drinking world.