Blonde Easy drinking, light yet hoppy, a good thirst quencher, hopped with Polish Junga and German Mittlefruh 3.6%

Bandit Massively easy drinking yet full of flavour from two American hops Cascade & Chinook 3.8%

Abyss Rich, Dark and Roasty with restrained hopping from British Admiral 4.3%

Gumption Traditional malty Best Bitter, you’d better have Gumption, brewed with 4 British hops at 4.5%

Rascal A ‘Hop-Burst’ of all American hops late in the boil with a good measure of Dry Hopping in the fermenter 4%

Divination Dry hopped American IPA stuffed full of Chinook, Ahtanum, Columbus & Summit 5.6%

Tartarus This India Black Ale (Black IPA if you really want!)  is our first Unfined beer given extra time conditioning at low temperature to allow more yeast to settle out, smooth roast from German Carafa Special III and lots of hops from the UK, America and New Zealand, Dry hopped in the fermenter 5.9%

Reserve You will only ever get this beer direct from the brewery either over the bar or in a MiniKeg, its a heavy hopped easy drinking American Pale Ale at 4.6%

BlackPorter Unfined Robust Porter recipe with reference to 1800’s in support of the 200th anniversary of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, using Wheat, Brown & Black malts with British Hops at 6%

Whero A deep red ale made with Dark Munich malt with a eclectic blend of sticky, resinous New Zealand Hops, Dry hopped in the fermenter 4.2%

Collarbone Our first collaboration brew with the Cap & Collar Micropub in Saltaire, an experiment with British Hops in the boil as well as Dry hopping in the fermenter at a session strength 4%

Boilerplate A copper coloured Unfined German Beechwood smoked beer with three malts coming from Weyermann in Bamberg, Germany, hopped with German Magnum & Mittlefruh 5.7%

Bodkin American Brown Ale, a blend of Crystal malts and Chocolate malt with Zeus, Columbus & Cluster hops 4.3%

Wishbone_Scribble_Ahtanum Single hopped American Pale Ale with hefty amounts of Ahtanum 4.5%

Wishbone_Scribble_Epic Pale Ale Single hopped with British Epic 4.5%

Flux Session pale ale made with a large proportion of Wheat malt and hopped with American Chinook & Polish Marynka 4.1%

Waitomo All New Zealand hopped IPA featuring Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, Green Bullet & Pacifica, we give this a lovely dose of Dry hops in the fermenter 5%

DivinationKEG The KeyKeg version of our Divination IPA, still stuffed to the brim with American hops and heavily dry hopped, brewed slightly drier to allow the bitterness to come through more giving a crisp refreshing finish 5.6% Available in 30Litre KeKegs, Unfined & Unfiltered.

pastiche Pastiche is a tongue-in-cheek poke at what Craft Beer either is or isn’t, its Unfined for maximum Craft and full of three of the most Crafty hops around, Citra, Simcoe & Galaxy, its Dry hopped too, session strength 3.7%

tableporter  Our session strength ‘Table Porter’, like in a Hearty London Porter Brown Malt plays a key role in this beer 4%

wolf Single hopped pale ale with Slovenian Styrian Wolf 4.5%

recap Our 100th brew so we’ve used a Saison yeast to make a Farmhouse IPA with three downright ballsy hops and put it all in 30Litre KeyKegs, its Dry hopped and Unfined, also our second collaboration beer with the Cap & Collar in Saltaire to mark their 2nd Birthday, session strength 4.5%

nigel Making a Christmas or Season-themed beer goes totally against my beer-making-ethics, however we were specifically asked by a wholesaler and mithered / begged by one of our loyal drinkers to to do a ‘Christmas Beer’. It comes filled with Christmas Cheer, or rather, you will be when you drink it, its got a Cascade, Summit & First Gold hops in a nice easy pale 4%

sticklebract Single hopped pale with New Zealand Sticklebract, Dry Hopped in the fermenting vessel and Unfined 4.5%

kazbek Single hopped pale with Czech Kazbek, Dry hopped in the fermenting vessel too 4.5%

lunarzenith Equinox+Centennial+Amarillo=Real Ale! Dry Hopped & Unfined, in the same series at Pastiche but a different blend of American hops 3.7%

A Session bitter with Rye & Vienna malts hopped mostly with British Hops but with small additions of American hops too. Don’t over think it, just drink it! Oh yeah, Check out the sheep ha ha! 4.2%

schwartz German Cascade Hopped Session India Black Ale, Dry Hopped in the fermenter. Use the Schwartz! 4.1%

clogiron Traditional Malts and British Hops XX Old Ale, make sure to be sat by an open fire with a Cheese board when drinking this 😉 UNFINED BEER. 6.5%

citrabract CitraBract is a Pale Ale with a blend of New Zealand Sticklebract and American Citra hops, Dry Hopped and Unfined  4.5%

Single hopped pale ale with Pacific Gem from New Zealand 4.5%

Collaboration brew with The Boat House in Skipton for their 1st Birthday, Hoppy pale with all American hops, Citra, Chinook & Cascade, dry hopped in the fermenter 4.2%

Single Hopped Pale Ale with Green Bullet from New Zealand 4.5%

Our collaboration with Elusive Brewing from Reading, a Double IPA with Citra, Columbus, Equinox and Vic Secret, Cask and Keg-Conditioned (30L KeyKegs) Dry Hopped with 10g/Litre Unfined and Unfiltered 7.5%

Sorachi RyePA or Rye Pale Ale, Sorachi Ace blended with Ella, Sorachi Ace was originally developed in Japan but is now American grown, Ella is grown in Australia 5%

A Session IPA in the same series as Pastiche & Lunar Zenith, this time the hops are Mosaic, Ahtanum & Summit, Dry hopped & Unfined 3.7%

American Hopped Mocha stout using 500g of locally roasted Brazilian Espresso and 5kg Cacao Nibs across the brewing process. Unfined 6%

Pale Ale hopped with Slovenian Styrian Wolf 3.9%

G’day Bruce, Bruce is an all Australian Hopped Blonde Ale, light and refreshing using two under-used Aussie hops 3.9%

Cloudy with a chance of hops is our Collaboration brew with Thirst Class from Stockport, this is our take on a New England IPA, Dry Hopped, Unfined, Cloudy Craft-Murk! We hope you like Ahtanum, Mosaic & Nelson Sauvin hops 5.9%

British hopped blonde ale 3.5%

Date & Liquorice Porter is all about subtle flavours in a solid robust dark beer, we may add more dates and more liquorice in future brews but will be trying to keep a subtle balance. Unfined 6.3%

American hopped blonde ale 3.8%

Double IPA, Unfined & Unfiltered, heavy on the Chinook and lots of Cascade with more dry hopping than we have ever done before 7.5%

Marvin is a malty American hopped red featuring Ahtanum & Centennial, dry hopped in the FV 4.2%

New Zealand hopped blonde ale 3.9%

Double India Black Ale, loads of Ekuanot & Citra with hints of Waimea and Sorachi, dark malts in the form of Belgian Special B, German CaraMunich III and Carafa Special III. Brewed with the guys and girls from The West Riding Refreshment Rooms in Dewsbury 7.5%

Single hopped pale ale with American Mount Hood hops, dry hopped in the FV 4%

Motueka is a development toward an NZ Lager, the recipe is such that we want to use a Lager or Kolsch yeast on it eventually rather than our house yeast, dry hopped & Unfined 5.2%

N-Star-2 is the big brother of ‘Night Star Session IPA’, this is bigger but still full of all the lovely Mosaic, Ahtanum & Summit that you love, dry hopped & unfined 5.5%

We thought we would take one of our original 5 beers and change it up, we have thrown out the Chinook and replaced it with Citra in this American Pale Ale 3.8%

Our 200th Gyle and the first year anniversary that Oliver has been working with us so this is his recipe, its a smooth drinking Milk Stout which is Unfined and contains Lactose, Vegetarian, not Vegan 5.4%

For the Record Café 3rd Birthday, Session-ish dry-hopped, Unfined IPA with lots of Nelson Sauvin & Chinook 4.5%

This is another of those Write-on pumpclips, it will satisfy the few who may not think our Blank pumpclips aren’t real pumpclips! This is specifically for 2-hop combos and we will be trying out different combinations to find what works… and maybe what doesn’t. Beers will be Dry Hopped & Unfined 5.5%

Session IPA using Citra, Motueka & Pacific Jade. Dry Hopped and Unfined 3.5%

American Pale Ale with Columbus, Ekuanot & Mosaic hops 4.2%

The Peat Smoked malt version of Abyss Stout, Unfined 4.3%

Neptune Brewery do stout called Abyss too so we thought we would get together to brew a Double version, and rather than one brewer having a hissy fit at the other because they are using the same name we are being all grown up like! Unfined 6.8%

Chasm (pronounced Kaz-um) is an Unfined Session IPA using London ESB Yeast, dry hopped at two stages in the FV 3.8%

Muddle is like a British ESB but mixed up with hops from New Zealand 5.3%

*Will be renamed and brewed again* Doppler is a Dark British hopped bitter 4.7%

Riders of Murk is a Unfined Cloudy NEIPA using the New England strain of yeast, Dry hopped at two stages in the FV and has lots of Amarillo, Citra & Cascade 5.8%

Single hop pale ale with Australian Enigma hops, deep Berry & Black Currant notes with some Dank woodiness. Dry hopped 4.1%

Strauss is our first Lager, Pils and Vienna Malts with classic hopping from German Mittlefruh, Fined in Cask, unfined in KeyKeg 4.9%

Ruby Weapon is an American hopped red ale, dry hopped and unfined 4.9%

Hazy Wheat, 50/50 Barley to Wheat malt, Citra & Amarillo hops, Dry hopped & Unfined 4.4%

Gohan means Rice in Japanese, this is our second lager and this time it uses a portion of rice in the recipe to lighten colour and body to give a refreshing crisp character, Slovenian & New Zealand hops with Coriander and Camomile, Fined in Cask, Unfined in Keykeg 5.5%

A recipe given to us by Ron Pattinson, beer historian for a 1914 Fuller AK, this is a modern-day recreation with the ingredients currently available, may have a slight haze, Dry Hopped in Cask 4.6%

Squelch is a little Session IPA, Simcoe, Amarillo & Motueka hops, dry hopped and Unfined 3.5%

Wibble is kind of a Homage to a cracking beer made by Cromarty up in Scotland, Dry hopped and Unfined IPA featuring Simcoe & Ekuanot hops. 5.2%

NZ Helles Lager hopped with Motueka, Unfined and Unfiltered in keg, Keg Only 4.2%

Little Imp is the made from the second mash runnings of our Imperial Stout, Little Imp this year is a Low abv Mild 2.6%

Ganesh is a Lime & Grape infused Wit-style beer with Coriander & hints of Camomile, hopped with Nelson Sauvin & Motueka, Unfined and hazy 4.5%

We are trying to bring the flavours of a Creme Brulee into a beer. Its got Dark Muscovado sugar, Lactose, Vanilla and Raspberries in it. Though mostly its about singing the name to the Prince track 😉 6.5% Unfined, and Vegetarian.

The Black Imp is based around our ever-popular ‘Black Porter’ recipe, with tweaks and a load of Dark Muscovado sugar. We Parti-Gyle brewed this and got ‘Little Imp’ Dark Mild from it too. Unfined 8.7%

] Usurper is a Double Dry Hopped Rye IPA with Blackberries, Enigma, Simcoe & Ekuanot hops. Collab brew with Torrside Brewery. Unfined 7.2%

Masterplan is a big fat DDH New England IPA with Citra, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic. Unfined 6.7%

] Eclipse is a hazy pale ale with Australian Enigma & Vic Secret with American Simcoe & Amarillo, Dry hopped & Unfined 4%

our ‘The Black Imp’ Imperial Stout 10.2%

Our first go at a Gluten Free beer, very light in colour Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Simcoe. Unfined 5%

Pale ale hopped with Azacca, Calypso & El Dorado hops from America, Dry Hopped, Unfined and Hazy 5.2%

British and American hopped Golden Ale 4%

Wooden Barrel aged Black Porter, Unfined 6.5%

Dry  hopped pale ale with Mosaic, Simcoe & Cascade 4.2%

EeZee is a very easy drinking pale ale with Amarillo, Nelson Sauvin and Ekuanot 3.8%

]]> 1690 0 0 0 Sun, 24 Mar 2019 09:40:12 +0000 Single Hop pumpclip, you will find a Hop name written on and a Fined or Unfined box ticked 4%

NZ Session IPA Collab with The Sportsman in Huddersfield for their 10th Birthday, hopped with Pacific Jade, Waimea & Motueka, Dry Hopped, Unfined 4.5%

Jack Attack, a collab with Blackjack Brewery is a big oat malt IPA with hops from America, New Zealand and Australia, Dry Hopped, Unfined and Hazy 7.5%

TP2 is a bigger and hoppier version of our best selling Tiller Pin, the same everything, just more of everything. Dry hopped with Citra & Chinook BBC Pellet hops to 10g/Litre, Unfined (Vegan), Hazy 6.2%

Cucumber infused Kolsch style beer with Mandarina Bavaria hops, quite possibly the ultimate summer refresher! Unfined 4.8%

A Collaboration between ourselves and the Square Chapel Arts in Halifax, big malty red ale to match their Red brick Auditorium hopped with Chinook, Citra, Columbus, Ekuanot, with healthy 9g/L Dry hop, Unfined. 4.8%

Low ABV Session IPA, bags of flavour and body, brewed with more ingredients than a 4% Session IPA this has Amarillo, El Dorado & Ekuanot, mainly brewed as a Keg beer but also available in Cask, 2.8% Dry Hopped, Unfined & Vegan.

Our first Sour beer, Belgian Trappist style yeast with Raspberries, Citra & Mosaic BBC Dry hops, Unfned, Vegan 4.4%

Session IPA brewed with a Koln Yeast and Dry Hopped at two stages with Enigma, Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic, Unfined, hazy and Vegan 4.7%

Kolsch Style beer hopped with Huell Melon and infused with Pineapple, Baobab and Passion Fruit, a Collab brew with our friends at Saltaire Brewery Unfined & Vegan 5%

Easy drinking, light yet hoppy, a good thirst quencher, hopped with German Mittlefruh & Australian Ella 3.6%

Our first British Hopped Brown ale, brewed with toasted waste bread from the Co-Op in support of River Worth Friends with Keighley Big Local 4.6%

Brewed for the Record Cafe in Bradford’s 5th Birthday, its a Session IPA with Enigma, Taiheke & Citra, very dank, very satisfying 3.5%

Dry hopped pale ale with Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe, mega fruity, mega light in colour, mega easy to drink 5% Unfined, Hazy and Vegan.

Not Bad, named from classic Yorkshire / British Understatement, 100% Maris Otter malt along with British Olicana and American Palisade, a musky, herbal, dank weed-like beer with bags of flavour, a very satisfying gob-full 5.2%

European hopped IPA featuring Kazbek and Mandarina Bavaria, Dry hopped, Unfined and Vegan 6%

Collab brew with Crooked Brewing, this India Black Ale is hopped with Enigma, Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic, Dry hopped Unfined and Vegan 4.7%

Inside Number Nine was specially brewed for the Tapster’s Promise in Colne, a tasty little session beer with Motueka and nelson Sauvin from New Zealand, Dry hopped, Unfined and Vegan 3.9%

An international IPA heavily featuring Kazbek hops with Mandarina and Chinook, dry hopped, Unfined and Vegan 6%