Wishing to do it my way…
The idea to start a brewery was forming after a short time making all-grain homebrewed beers on the stove top in our old kitchen (kitchen mayhem!) and my beers were getting some good feedback from friends and folks at work.
I dropped lucky after being made redundant from my engineering roll and took a position at Saltaire Brewery. Having sent an email to Saltaire asking if a homebrewer could come and have a look around to see how the pros did it, I got a reply back saying I was being put in for the job! I didn’t even know there was a job going let alone what I was applying for! Lucky I had attached my CV just on the off chance…
I started out washing casks and ended up as ‘Brewhouse team leader’ with some of my own recipes becoming regular additions to the Saltaire range. I studied for and passed my Institute of Brewers & Distillers exam and learned some solid brewery procedure in my time there.
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It was time for me to do my own thing…
Wishbone Brewery began to take shape in my mind back in 2011 with me registering the domain name and grabbing the @ on twitter, at the time I did a lot of research into setup costs and found I might have to start very small and cheap. It wasn’t really until 2013 that more serious thought was put into Wishbone and talks with a local business adviser focused my mind and made me have a more structured approach, costs were added up, pubs were talked to, and family investment talked about. 2014 was getting more serious and funding was secured for our family run brewery, everything takes a long time and finding the right premises has been interesting to say the least with hearts set on some premises then gazumped, looked at other industrial units that were dark and dingy or on an upper floor with loads of space but everything ‘upstairs’ in a brewery… I think not!
In late 2014 we signed the lease and ordered the brewkit!
It took a restless night and some imagination to see a future in the premises we’ve got, we are all indoors on two levels with a view to having our own brewery tap on the first floor *This is a pipe-Dream to be honest*, and we are just a 6 minute walk from Keighley Worth Valley Railway station.
We are in good company with the mighty Timothy Taylors Brewery, Bridgehouse Brewery & Goose Eye Brewery all practically a stones throw away.
We started brewing in late August 2015.
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…I really hope you enjoy my beer.

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