The brewery premises are based on Chesham Street just off Dalton Lane in Keighley, West Yorkshire. We have the ground floor and first floor in a mill shed that used to be part of Sir James Hill Textiles, my dad used to work here and I still remember the smell of wool grease the place had from when I was a kid going to work with my dad on a Saturday… I’m sure the smell of Hops, Malt & Beer will be an interesting change from wool grease.

Our brewhouse is built by Pureweld with conical fermentation vessels (DPVs) built and imported from Zhongde in China, DPVs are Dual Purpose Vessels used to both ferment and condition the beer prior to being racked to cask or carbonated for keg and bottle. We use whole hops in the boil and pellet hops for dry hopping in the conditioning phase after fermentation. All the dry goods like Malted grains get lifted to the first floor where we have our malt loft and grist case (a big hopper that the malt is tipped into before being fed into the mash tun), the malts then slide down the chute getting hydrated as they go to the mash tun on the ground floor. The Copper (boiling vessel for the sweet wort & hops) sits next to the Mash tun with Hot Liquor Tank and our Fermenting vessels are in this area too.
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