Simple Trading Terms & Conditions

I figure its time we standardised this and make something we can easily pass onto Customers.

Trading with Wishbone Brewery Limited

  • New Customers must pay for their order before delivery via BACS, Cash on Delivery is also OK but please let us know which method you will be paying with, if paying Cash you must be there to accept delivery otherwise beer will not be left.
  • Please ensure you provide us with your full contact details for delivery and invoicing if different, all beers are delivered with the Invoice for your records. If you are trading as a Limited Company please give us details.
  • We appreciate prompt payment of all orders though if needed we allow strict 30 day terms, you will get a polite invoice reminder around the 30 day mark at which time we expect to receive payment in full. Wishbone Brewery reserve the right to remove 30 day terms at any time.

Struggling to pay? Talk to us, be proactive, pick up the phone or email.

If you fail to adhere to the above

  • Late Payments; Wishbone Brewery Limited reserve the right to charge interest on late payments, we state £10 per week late fees on our invoices. Email reminders or other means of contact will start getting more blunt and we will use any and all means to contact you.
  • Your account will be put on Stop, no more sales.
  • We will only accept Payment before delivery for future orders, no payment, no beer.
  • We will not entertain any request for discounting for volume or regular sales.
  • Further delays in Payments; Please ensure you respond to our communications, if you don’t respond you leave us little option but to LBA (Letter Before Action) or file a CCJ (County Court Judgement) or indeed simply pass your debt onto the Debt Recovery Solicitors where you will not only incur interest on outstanding amounts but you will be paying their full fees too.

Each time we have to chase you for money that wastes our time, time that could have been spent doing something productive. We much prefer to deal with honest customers who treat us with the same respect that they would want to be treated with.
We expect to be paid like you’ve just been to the supermarket or filled up at the petrol station, this keeps it easy, and it keeps your own accounts up to date and straight. This is very simple stuff, so simply don’t be a D***!

Lost Property

Please keep our Casks safe, Firkins and Pins cost a load of money and losses may be charged for at full market value.