Re-roof in progress, office paint & clutter clearing

The units are currently undergoing a re-roof by the landlord so, as you’d expect with this weather, things are getting wetter the puddles are getting bigger and I’m a little scared that rain might stop play unless the roofers get cracked on and the walls start to dry out!

This weekend has been Emma giving the office a second coat of paint, then she set too on the flaking paint outside the office… its going to be a heck of a lot of scraping and brushing!
We had a family member helping too, Julian did a fine job of removing bits of old metal brackets and conduit from the steel-work on the ceiling it was surprising how much difference it made seeing the area with less dangling clutter.

We also removed a heating duct in preparation for where the vessels will go and I finally finished my water piping around to the brewing area, only a small leak to fix around the water meter I installed and that was just because I didn’t have my biggest spanner with me.

We have the hygienic wall cladding on site now too, with MDF/timber backing hopefully arriving next week, I’ll also hope to get all the blockwork, sand and cement to site soon too so we can start building our cold-store and a small plinth where I’ll stand a tank for extra water storage.

The weekend finished with our miss-directed post being delivered by our neighbour, we got someone touting for business, and invoice and… Our HMRC Registration of our Brewery!! Yeahhh!!!

Wishbone Brewery HMRC Registration
It was dated the 15th Dec ’14 so had actually taken a matter of just a few weeks to be processed.