So close to first Brewday

Its been a bit hectic and I’ve not had time to think about updating the website with all efforts going into getting to the point where we can brew!
Wishbone is so close to being ready!!!! Eek!
Wishbone is so close to being ready!!!! Eek!
All our brewkit and fermenting vessels have been through passivation cleaning a thorough Hot Caustic CIP (Clean In Place) so they are ready to be used, the temperature controllers are working on the fermenters too and its just the final small pieces of chiller system plumbing to complete and hopefully we can commission the chiller system this coming week and get brewing next weekend 🙂

If all goes to plan it will go like this:
Brew 1 – Saturday 22nd Brew 2 – Sunday 23rd
Beers ferment for approximately a week
Beers racked into casks 29th & 30th (Also brew 3 & 4)
Casked beer left to cold condition in our cold store for 1 week
Deliveries of Keighley’s newest beer to local pubs Drink! (Responsibly of course)
Our first two beers will go equally well with a good Curry or a delicate fish dish