New year, new beer…

Its a little over a year since we got the keys to our industrial unit, it took us 8 months to rip it out and turn it into a working brewery, it took us three more months to get the bar finished off with our brewery open day being held 5th December.

Our first brew was at the end of August and since then we brewed 20 times in 2015, we’ve had some teething troubles getting used to how the brew-kit works best and tweaked recipes to make them more efficient in our brewday workflow.

Our first brew of Abyss Stout turned out amazing though the second brew didn’t hit the mark, we have poured over the brewsheets and the best guess is that it was down to ‘Operator error’ and something so simple as not zeroing the weighing scales while weighing out our Liquor treatment so had the potential to make the beer taste more salty or cloying as one very honest CAMRA member came to tell me. If it wasn’t down to an unknown operator error then maybe our water supply has changed or a fermentation issue, with this in mind we have gone back to source with a new pitch of yeast and sent a water sample away for analysis along with purchasing a pH meter so we can check our incoming water supply on a more regular basis rather than standard 6-12 month testing.

The second brew would make for some great Beef Stew or Pies if any pubs or restaurants want to try?

We brewed Abyss on New Years Eve so lets see how this one turns out………..

We rely on honest feedback about our beers, so thanks.

New beers to come in the next few months will see a few single hop brews, an all British Hopped IPA, a Porter and maybe an NZ Red.

Check our Events page for dates for when our brewery bar will be open


Adrian & Emma