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Speed Blog Post!


  1. Parallax Collaboration Double IPA 7.5% is released on Cask & Keg next week.
  2. Night Star 3.7% is tasting really good in FV, probably dry hopping on Monday then later in the week we will be filling Casks & Kegs.
  3. We have put a small amount of Table Porter into KeyKeg to see how well it presents kegged, which will be available in about a week.
  4. Tiller Pin is brewing again next week and this time its a big brew so more of you people can try it.
  5. the week after next we brew Gojira (Japanese for Godzilla and my stated reason for visiting Japan) its a Sorachi RyePA, the Sorachi cut with Australian Ella so its not completely Bubblegum Booze, lots of Rye Malt in the mash.
  6. Homebrew Competition on 29th is for homebrewers only *Private Event* we will turn general drinkers away as this it NOT for you.
  7. Put 2oth May in your Diary, Bingley Brewery and bringing their beers down for a joint bar with 8 beers on tap and more in reserve, Food from BBQ ‘Low&Slow’ Old Yorkshire Pit (Otley), we are lining up entertainment too, the first of which is talented local girl Niamh.
  8. There will be something dark and strong coming, laced with liquorice and dates 😉
  9. We are going against my common sense and planning a series of session blonde ales, we may do a brewery tap where we serve 5 different blondes!

So whats not to like!