Last brewing week until Christmas shutdown

We will be closing up shop 16.30 on Friday 22nd December and then back open Wednesday 3rd January 2018. You have between now and 22nd Dec to order & collect minikegs 🙂

Next week we are brewing a trio of new beers then racking them all the following week before we give the vessels some well deserved TLC.

Zoikes is 4.2% and is basically going to be an easy drinking session pale, using three American hops Columbus, Ekuanot & Mosaic.

Peat Smoked Abyss, using Peat Smoked malt for the folks that like the tar to stick to the back of their throat when they drink a smoked beer, like regular Abyss but smoked and the hops swapped to cause less confusion withe the smoked malt 4.3% Unfined, we will soon start doing our regular Abyss as Unfined & Vegan.

This will be the first outing of our Unfunk Pumpclip, a two hop combo beer, dry hopped and unfined. The first brew will use American Summit & German Magnum hops in this IPA recipe 5.5%.