The newish stuff

Usurper 7.2% DDH Rye IPA with Blackberries is ready in both Cask and Keykeg, 15g/Litre Dry Hop done in two stages, the colour in the beer pretty much comes from the Blackberries with a sweetness from the Rye and the aforementioned pretty heavy dry hop from Enigma, Simcoe and Ekuanot. Collab with Torrside Brewery.

This is verion 2 of Wibble IPA, nice simple recipe, tastes flippin’ banging 😉

Look out for Casks and kegs of this beauty, its just on its first dry hop, second will be during this week then Casks available the week after then Keykegs about 10 days later.

Also, see you at the brewery bar on Saturday, The Lemon Tree are back doing the food, Sat 10th November 12 til 7pm Cheers 🙂