Just a quicky beer update, we brewed a beer called Patchwork, it pretty much sold before we even had it in Cask! Its a relatively simple beer, we had plenty of Whole Mosaic hops and plenty of Whole Simcoe hops along with lots of Cascade T90 pellet hops…  Oliver put the recipe together, we decided on the ABV and that it would be clear beer (contains Isinglass finings), I made a pretty purple pumpclip background from the scanned texture inside an old book (thats right, I scan stuff and have done for years)… Job done.

Patchwork 4.2% will be on our Brewery Bar today from 12.00 😉

Why did this beer sell out even before we had it in cask?

  • It had a colourful bright pumpclip (If it was Beige is wouldn’t have sold)
  • Its a Pale beer (If it was a lovely Malty Red it would have sold slowly)
  • The ABV was in the sessionable range (People drink around the 3.5- 4.5% range most)
  • It says ‘Dry Hopped’ on the pumpclip (Just imagine if we had put DDH on the pumpclip too!!)
  • Its a Clear beer, no haze or murk (People are still resistant of drinking beer with a haze)
  • Its got Mosaic & Simcoe in it (‘Craft’ hops init!)

Its pretty clear that there is a target market for exactly this type of beer, I think the fact that its Clear or intended to be clear is a big part of it and also the bright texture on the pumpclip, we do prefer our beers to be Unfined though as they taste better unfined and you get more flavour for your money with the secondary aspect being that Unfined beers are Vegan too.
We would clearly like to produce all Unfined and Vegan beers but that alienates a whole bunch of customers *Shakes head* which is a shame, how can we further educate pockets of resistance to accept Hazy or Cloudy beer?

See you at the bar for a pint of Clear Beer!