Greenflute (Not Gluten Free this time)

We have just had the lab results back for Greenflute, it has not attained the correct level to be sold as Gluten Free this time, this does not effect the taste of the beer and its still bloody gorgeous. This batch, Gyle #440 on the Cask Labels, *IS NOT GLUTEN FREE* We will be striking through the Gluten Free line on all pumpclips sold of this batch, and all subsequent emails will have a link to these results.

We used a different malt in this particular brew so we are 99% sure the next brew will be back to how it should be when we revert back to the old malt.
Here are the test results, bear in mind that to pass the test and be considered Gluten Free it has to be 20 ppm or less, this time we hit 32 ppm which is a fail.

This batch of beer will now be branded up as below, Pixie Juice, which would be classed as ‘Very Low Gluten’ as its well below 100ppm, though we aren’t stating that on the pumpclip.