Long time no see…

Hello there,

Sorry we haven’t been around for a while, there’s this thing called Coronavirus going around causing all sorts of upset in the world!

I thought we should have a bit of a catch up, a socially distant chat over a cup of coffee or tea, let you know what’s going on and plans for the future.

Since pubs opening on July 4th we have seen broadly positive cask beer sales and randomly a few new customers, we aren’t out of the woods yet though which is why we have been spending loads of money getting some of our beers canned in 440mls. We are literally itching to get the cans out to you to try them but for one thing or another we are having to hold back a little until everything is right and we have everything in place.
Trade can contact us for Trade-Prices on cases of 12x440ml and (I think) our Web Store is just about complete for beer drinkers to order direct from us and get cases of beer delivered anywhere in the UK.

We will let you know when the Web Shop goes live, we just need a few things to fall into place before this can happen, so thanks for your patience. And btw, it’s pretty much just me doing the web store with a little help from Paul.

Our current working week:
Oliver is currently partial-furlough but in work 3-4 days a week.
Paul is also partial-furlough but doing the sales stuff on Mondays and bit by bit getting back to relieving me of Delivery duties. Myself and Paul have been sanitising the van in between us using it.
Me ‘Adrian’ I’ve never been furloughed and I’m catching up on what have been a few mad weeks, I might actually send a proper Wholesale email this next week!
Emma is still furloughed, just doing her Directorial functions to keep us on the right side of all the financial stuff.
We are not in work when we don’t need to be.

Brewery Bar days:
Yeah, we know you all want to come and drink in the brewery and it seems more and more of you are asking us when we’ll be open. In all honesty we don’t think the time is right yet and it’s not like we can split the brewery in half to ensure brewing operations aren’t affected by anything that happens on a bar day so we hope you understand why we are choosing to stay closed.
And now that we have beer in Can on pallets we have a new problem because we want to keep it at the right temperature in our cold store… SPACE! And the lack of it in the cold store. “She cannae take any more captain, she’ll explode!” Which means we may have to sacrifice the bar as we know it, build a big wall, bash a doorway through (in a very specific and limited way) into the present coldstore and extend it.

Yours Sincerely

Team Wishbone 🙂

PS… We’ll have T-Shirts next week, we only made you wait 5 years!!

PPS… if you like the variety that small brewers bring to your beer culture please take a moment to sign THIS PETITION and if you feel like it write to your MP about the proposed changes to Beer Duty which will be bad for all small local brewers.