New beers

Hi folks, just a quicky rundown of the beers coming up….

Out West is our collab with Beerhouses Pubs, Barry came over and posed for various photos as if he’s been ‘working’ and guess what, we made beer! This beer is meant to be a balanced American Pale, not too much of anything and steering clear of IPA territory, it features a solid malt base with some caramel notes from the Crystal malts, the hops are Mosaic, Amarillo and Idaho 7 the latter of which brings some tropical Pineapple to the hop-party. Its Vegan and Gluten Free and almost entirely available via Beerhouses excellent Pubs. Available in Cask from a week on Monday.
Hop Dust Handcuffs is an evolution from the beer called Strange Attractor with a few subtle tweaks and this time using the Verdant yeast from Lallemand, lots of Citra and a bit of Mosaic. Available in Cask from Monday, and Keykeg about a week later.
Two Lapels is back in cask and this particular brew was our first ever with all Pellet hops, so if you lot could give us some feedback on it, especially if you had the original brew of it. Its a change to our process a little so your thoughts on it would be appreciated. Available in cask from Monday.
This Blast from the past ‘Pastiche’ is back in Cask and available from Monday, then about a week later for Keykeg.
Dassler is getting a face-lift to bring it in line with the Can imagery, we’ll be using the current batch of Keg Clips up first though I dare say we will give the Permanent Tap folks the new ones.
Brewing soon is this, a Pale Bitter (And it will be our second all Pellet Hop Brew) and yep its 4.3% like another beer you might know, and yep its got Goldings and Styrian Goldings in it like another beer you might know. This beer will be brewed with almost 100% Maris Otter malt with just a hint of Black Malt for colour, it will be pale and it will be bitter. Look out for this in the coming weeks.