60 Low Street Keighley – Our Future Pub

The Cat is out of the bag, I’ve no idea why the cat was in there in the first place as it all sounds rather cruel…
That aside, we have been cruel to you for over a year and only cryptically teased with the Two Lapels (Anagram) and Common Chord (Old Map) pumpclips. We felt it polite on the Tenant not to go blurting out where it would be.

Our tenant has now left and we can start planning what we are going to do with the building to turn it into a pub.

60 Low Street, Keighley, BD21 3PT
Email: hello@wishbonetap.co.uk
Twitter: @WishboneTap
Instagram: @WishboneTap
Facebook: @WishboneTap

Our hops & dreams

We have 3 floors, we will probably never use the top floor but who knows, someone like a food trader might fancy making a business up there or we turn it into offices.
We want to have a community aspect to the pub as we will have room to accommodate local community groups etc
We will have a nice little sun-trap of a Beer Yard out back, needs TLC, thinking we may need to move the backdoor and widen it and add a ramp.
First job is to get a bit of roofing done and I’m hoping for Solar Hot water panels on the roof and bang a Velux or similar in there.
The big blue sign at the front needs some investigating to see where the Roller shutters roll up to and see if we can open the first floor windows back up to their former glory, possibly front and back.
The entire first floor may be a secondary project to be done after we get a functioning bar on the ground floor, though toilets will be created upstairs.
We want to put toilet facilities on the ground floor with access for anyone less able.
We want to explore the idea of having some lower service and table areas to make us more accessible.
We will definitely explore the idea of serving more of our beers in a Vegan state, if we head in this direction then we will ensure all our drinks are acceptable to people not wanting to consume animal products.
We hope to do some simple bar nibbles.
We will try hard not to serve anything that JDW, Supermarkets or Tied Pubs swerve and instead support smaller and independent drinks businesses.
4 Rotating Wishbone Cask beers on handpull.
8 ish Keg beer lines with a mix of Wishbone and other indie brewer’s keg beers.
Staff: we’ll be in need of a trustworthy manager to ensure our customers and well received and accommodated, plus other staff.

We will be here!

Things to do first

We’ve setup the Ltd Co, registered for VAT, new bank account soon, need to then look at a mortgage to release funds for improvements, I should probably write a business plan (meh!), Change of use for the building and apply for alcohol license.
Check what electrics and water supply we have to work with.
Investigate the Cellar, we apparently have a cellar full of Rubble so this is the key to how we use the rest of the building, anyone feeling strong and enjoy hauling buckets of rubble / filling skips / and getting black bright?
Pretty much everything needs ripping out, hope we find a few original features we can bring back to life.


Wish us luck!