Fox & Goose Collab Brew

I think Drew from the Fox & Goose in Hebden Bridge first started talking to us about a Low ABV beer way back at the end of lockdown in 2020, we were initially talking 0.5% beers but sensibly we need to approach that ABV with a bit more knowledge behind us.

So this year we had a good old chinwag with Drew & Andrew from the Fox and came up with a recipe that showcases some of the newer varieties of British hops along with a bit of American Citra to round off everything.

We came up with ‘Riding the Fox’ 2.8% with a simple Barley & Wheat malt base, a hot mash at 76c and an Original Gravity of 1039 which is enough to brew at least a 4.2% beer if we’d Mashed in in a more regular temperatures. We use Jester, Olicana & Godiva hops which are all British grown and a bit of American Citra. Again the level of hopping is more that of a 4%+ beer.

The beer will be delivered this week to the Fox & Goose and should be on the bar for the weekend Sat 22nd / Sun 23rd, the beer is well-bodied with plenty of flavour, let us know what you think of it.

It will go on general sale w/c Monday 24th and be available in Firkin, Pin & Keykeg.

Its Dry Hopped, Unfined and Vegan.

*Just spotted I forgot to add the usual ‘Gluten’ word to the list of Allergens on the Pumpclip, it should read ‘Allergens: Gluten Barley Wheat’* All Invoices and Cask labels come out with Allergens: Gluten Barley Wheat for the benefit of Publicans if anyone asks.