Business Update: You were amazingly epic!

Honestly the last two weeks have been epic, so a MASSIVE THANKS to all the pubs and bars that have placed orders, and to the bar day drinkers who came out in force on Saturday 30th March, you were all epic and we are honestly humbled by your support!

Making the post we made was a one-time deal because if we didn’t do it we could have disappeared quietly from the brewing scene in a matter of a month or two! You have got us over that imminent serious cash-flow problem but we aren’t out of the woods yet, your continued support is really appreciated.

Even the T&A phoned then sent a Photographer round, let us know if we’ve been in the paper because up to press we haven’t seen anything.

The feedback we’ve received tells us we did the right thing, that’s the message we are getting from people about speaking out rather than quietly dying a death. I’ve just been reading a heartfelt email from another brewer in the same boat with the exact same pressures.
It’s hard to say how much we appreciate all your messages and the support from customers, customers giving us new leads which will hopefully give us the confidence to try two new delivery areas, the guy that turned up at our door and said can I buy some cask, a brewer asking about Wholesale, new and returning old customers. Thank you all.

The last two weeks have been hectic, you gave us a different problem and we are brewing as much as we can to keep beers in stock, we massively appreciate all your calls and emails. We have a long road ahead of us but thanks all for the positive vibes.

As you can imagine not all leads pay off immediately so we will be working towards North West & North East delivery routes, the Lancaster area has tailed off at the moment as we would have been delivering tomorrow, but we have better hopes for a Durham area and we should be heading up there on the 23rd April, so anyone up North East, Richmond, Darlington, Durham, Newcastle please get in touch if you fancy some Wishbone on your bar.

We’ve had a few questions about Cans (Small pack), we are going to be looking at re-entering the Canning scene in a smaller and hopefully more affordable way via a small local brewery with their own Canning facilities. This means shooting a few recipes over to them to Contract Brew and package small quantities of those along with a few Casks.

Also from customer feedback we have given our website a quick update to make it more usable with some proper beer info which we are still tweaking, you can sign up to the weekly stock lists on our Trade page.

Any wholesalers out there who want to stock some of our beer please get in touch in one of the usual ways.

Thanks again for your continued support.

Adrian, Emma, Paul & Oliver.