Our Core Range

I’ll be honest here, our starting lineup of beers is mostly made to have wide appeal without offending anyone’s tastes. I had no intentions to run before I could walk, the beers have been received well and only really minor tweaks are being made to the recipes of Blonde, Bandit, Gumption with a bigger re-balance of hopping and bitterness for Divination IPA, Abyss might well stay exactly as it is.

We have expensive food-grade glycol in our chiller system now so the knock-on effect of this is we can drop the temperature of our beers lower at the end of fermentation to settle out more yeast prior to filling casks, we are currently chilling to 8c for a day or two. The aim is to be able to chill to around 0c so we can carbonate for kegging, we will probably have to add some further Glycol to the system (carbon-dioxide gas gets into solution quicker at lower temperatures).
I’m really looking forward to getting the kegging of our unfined and unfiltered beer beers going as it opens up the range of beers we will brew and I can start having some fun with recipes, kegging requires me to learn a little more and perfect certain cleaning regimes and processes to ensure we produce a consistent and well-made product…

Slow progress on our brewery bar as things like sales and deliveries take precedence, the bar top was constructed and requires two more coats of varnish before we attach it to the rest of the bar structure, after that the Eddison-style funky bulb lighting needs hanging and wiring up, then we need to cut loads of MDF circles to fit in the top of our plastic casks to make seats, tables and pint-shelves to construct, we need to buy a load of glasses and a glass-washer, and some bits of safety stuff to do, get our massive banner put up, handpulls to plumb up with beerlines to the coldstore…. a few things, I probably shouldn’t have made a list! eek!