Fun & Games

Yesterday was interesting, I got up early to get a 10bbl brew of Wishbone Blonde done so I had time later to go out delivering…

Things didn’t go to plan, near the end of my mash run-off a main fuse blew and dropped a phase on the 415volt electric so probably lost an hour and a half while the electrician got a new fuse and checked out the circuits.
After that the brew went without hitch and hit all our targets, I was just coming to the end of transferring my Hop-sparge (Recovering flavour and fermentables from the wort soaked hops) when a lady from Bradford Council’s Environmental Health turned up to do a spot inspection. It was probably and hour or so that passed while she asked questions about our process and checked out all our written cleaning procedures. She left after writing her report giving us a very big thumbs up with 3 really minor things to attend to, fit a door closer on the toilet door, keep our malt hopper covered even when empty, and clear some tools away once we have finished our fit our of the premises.
It was good to know we are doing things right 🙂

We also had our brewery bar top made and the beer pumps have been ordered from EWL in Keighley, plus the one that I grabbed from ebay, we will have 5 Handpulled beers on our bar to begin with so we can serve Blonde, Bandit, Gumption, Divintion and Abyss all together from cask. Future additions will be Keg lines to increase the range and styles we can offer.

After all that I finally went out with my delivery and got home after 6pm!