Collarbone Collaboration Brew with Cap & Collar

Last Monday we brewed our first collaboration with the guys from the Cap & Collar in Saltaire… it is a British Hopped Oatmeal Session IPA, an experiment in using British Hops in the ways you would normally think of using American hops, Upfront and In-Yer-Face.
We brewed, we Dry hopped and it will being going into casks tomorrow and out for delivery later in the week.
Prep done for our collaboration brew tomorrow with the Cap & Collar #saltaire #oatmeal #sessionipa #britishhops
Phil got nicely wet in there, good job :-)
Dry hopping just happened :-) #collarbone

This first brew of Collarbone will be available at the Cap & Collar and a few other select places along with our brewery bar.