Boro’ Beer Fest Gold


The guys at Peterborough Beer Festival have give our Rascal Session IPA their Gold Award for New Breweries Thanks a lot guys 🙂 Thats our first proper award.

RascalWe do love Rascal, though sadly with all the big brewers with deep pockets buying up all the funky American hops it is only going to be an occasional brew for us, though if you are a Hop Merchant like Charles Faram or Simply Hops feel free to let us have some Citra & Equinox (Whole Hops and Pellet T90s) and we’ll make Rascal a more regular brew 😉 We designed Rascal with a broad palette of American hops some that are down right funky and some that you wouldn’t expect to help us brew a beer with longevity rather than just a one-off fleeting #FunkFest #HopBomb that we couldn’t keep brewing. Our pockets don’t stretch to contracting for a Metric Ton of Funky hops, but we do love a Rascal 😉