Suggested Price Per Pint


During some of the hoohar of a certain fluffy little cloud brewery and something about no dispense from Barrels any longer, there was a mention of ‘could it be a thing that brewers could suggest a retail price’ for their beers, RRP or Recommended Retail Price like that you get on things in shops etc.


I asked, *”Should breweries add a ‘Recommended Retail Price’ RRP to invoices and cask labels?” to see what Twitter thought about it with another survey so far its a pretty close call.

The idea being that the brewer could say what they thought the price of a pint of their beer should be so that both the Publican and the Brewer could have a fair cut. I’d say our 3.6% Blonde should retail at about £3.20 to £3.40 its not the cheapest beer we brew but also nowhere near our most expensive.
If you use twitter please vote & add your views to the excellent points some others have made already.

*Not pumpclips as my illustration above shows, thats just to fan the flames of discussion.