Coffee and Collab

First off we are brewing a collaboration up with the guys from The Boat House in Skipton, so be sure to check their social media for when its going to be on the bar Twitter & Facebook. Its an American pale session ale at 4.2% called Tiller Pin featuring all American hops, Citra, Chinook & Cascade and a tiny little bit of Summit. This coming Wednesday the Boat House guys are coming over and putting their wellies on to help out brewing the beer, its always nice to get someone doing the hard work for ya, I’m sure they will enjoy their initiation to brewing 🙂

Next up is our experiment with Casa Espresso, our most local coffee roaster from Shipley, we have fermented and aged green coffee beans in our Clog Iron Old Ale. We had heard of Whisky Cask aged beans being roasted but never Beer-aged or Beer-fermented, the beer with the green beans in it tasted pretty bad after almost a month though that wasn’t the point and was to be expected, the beans probably introduced some wild yeast and the beer fermented further than the main batch of Clog Iron.
Amazingly the beans almost doubled in size during the month fermenting and aging in the beer, they are now being dried out before heading back to Casa Espresso for roasting so we can see what sort of character they have taken on from the beer.
We will be bringing out a proper coffee stout later in the year using roasted beans from Casa Espresso.