Hops again

*Update* – Cloudy with a chance of hops, its currently our highest rated beer on Untappd!
Again I am reminded that its a lot to do with the hops you can buy that makes a beer so popular.
We threw a chunky amount of low-alpha Ahtanum and some Mosaic in the boil and then dry hopped at two stages in the FV with a little over 10g/litre with more Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin.
We fermented the beer with Windsor Ale Yeast and fermentation was vigorous and kicked off a massive amount of sulphur aromas which made me want to ditch the beer more than once, thankfully all the sulphur dissipated before it came round to packaging this beer in Cask & Keg.
Mosaic with Nelson Sauvin sounded like a match made in heaven, it was 🙂

This beer was brought to you by Wishbone, Thirst Class Brewery and the yeast advice of Rob from Lallemand, hops were harmed during this process and hair was pulled… lets hope we can get the hops with the funky flavours that people want to taste in our next hop contract.

And btw… we are up and running with our 2x keg fonts on the bar, once we get into the swing of things properly we hope to swap beers mid-session so you can try even more cracking Wishbone during one of our bi-monthly bar days 🙂