Some things to look out for soon

Motueka, a Faux-Lager recipe 5.2% in Keykeg and Cask. We want this to be supped with that bit of extra carbonation on unfined, unfiltered Keg. The Motueka hops from New Zealand come across and floral and spicy when used in the boil but dry hopping with them adds something different and rather nice. Eventually we will use a proper German Lager or Kólsch yeast on this and maybe our Bruce Aussie Blonde too.

The big brother of Night Star 3.7% is going to get brewed at a more IPA-ish 5.5%, same idea just bigger and more, meet N-Star-2.
Then more into next month we are throwing the Chinook hops of of our original American Pale ‘Bandit’ and swapping it for some Citra… that’ll be a Citra-Bandit then 🙂