A punter walks into a bar… Pint of the usual please.

Permanent Beer lines

I think it is time that we started to think about offering permanent beer lines to Landlords, so far this is something we / I have stayed away from for the simple reason that I like variety when I walk into a pub and if the same beers are their day in day out then I’m going to loose interest. *Thats just me though*

I realise there are many drinkers out their who enjoy going to a pub and having a pint of their regular beer or a pint from their usual brewer.
The regular lines we have now are on this page and they are all a friendly agreement with a discount or friendly gesture for being good regular customers taking a certain amount of beer each month.

We would like a few more of these to help progress our brand, especially in the local area (10-15mile radius of Keighley) so I am putting it out there that if any Bars, Pubs, Clubs (Sports, Social) or Landlords wish to discuss having a permanent deal on their bar, be it a Handpull or a Keg line… or a combo of the two… Please have a chat with us and we will see what we can do for the benefit of both of us.

Within this if anyone would like to take our beers for a 3 or 6 month beer-residency then lets have that chat too…

You can give us a call on 01535 600412 or email sales@wishbonebrewery.co.uk and talk to Adrian, Emma or Dawn

We look forward to hearing from you and hope we can both #SupportLocal