The price of cask beer for small brewers here in the UK

I have started a survey and i would like as many Brewers as possible to complete it, the results will be published here on the blog for all to see afterwards. I/we won’t be looking at any personal detail, I want the UK’s Independent brewers to have an overview of what we all charge and what we all think about a few points. I will release snippets of graphs via Twitter as we go then publish all the graphs along with the spreadsheet data for all to see once we get a good sample of brewers, ideally we want ever brewer in the UK to fill it in though I’ll accept the current SIBA membership numbers of 824.
If the survey dies a death I will release whatever data we have, no email addresses will be released and we won’t go emailing you or selling your details or any such shit like that!

Please be honest in your responses!  Here is the Survey link.

Cheers & please Retweet, Share, Post, Re-blog all you like