Gluten Free Testing

Its a minefield!
Gyle #484 is Pixie Juice in Cans.

I’m struggling with the results we have been getting for the Canned Gyle #484 of Pixie Juice, please have a look down the table below I am at a loss to understand and #484 seems to be an anomaly, especially so when you compare it to Gyle #399 that had No Brewers Clarex (BC).
Gyle #486 gave us confidence that we had the correct amount of BC so the brew was scaled for Canning volume for #484, all subsequent brews have BC.
Results have got worse for this recent re-test yet they were 16ppm about 3 weeks prior, meaning a worst case scenario with the test inaccuracy it would be 22ppm which is mega close to the legal limit of 20ppm. (Current test inaccuracy is +/- 38.11%)

So it feels like I’m just dishing out £100-notes for the fun of it with the latest result being worse than the initial tank sample, it seems an impossibility when as our previous conversation with the lab told me that the BC keeps working and continues to remove gluten.

In all honesty even with Gyle # 497 passing the test with flying colours it makes me wonder if we sent a further sample would it still pass the test?!

Gluten Free Tests – using Synlab, we have previous results which aren’t listed from Surebrew that always passed the 20ppm test.

Date Sample ReceivedGyleppmClarex Y/NNotes
27/11/201944032NRecipe Tweak
16/03/2020468<10YBC 1.5g/hL
19/08/202048423YTank Sample
11/09/202048416YCan 1st Retest
06/10/202048429YCan 2nd Retest
06/10/2020497<10YRecipe tweak + BC 3g/hL

So moving forward with a slight recipe tweak and 3g/hL we assume this belt and braces approach will see us get results in the <10 ppm area consistently.

What we may have to do is relabel all 2064 Cans before we can release them!