Business Update #2

Seeing as we told you how bad things were here, then updated you again here, I think it’s only fair to keep telling you about the status of our business.

After a serious uptick in sales from our first announcement the ball kept rolling for a while, so big thanks to everyone that picked up the phone, shot us an email, or talked to us on the socials to buy beer.
We are now some 8 weeks down the line and the bank account is certainly in less of a dire state, we’ve never been a big cash business but we’ve managed for almost 9 years to keep balance.

All that said we look to be sliding back to lower sales volumes.

Honest results from some of the interactions we got from that first announcement:

  • The brewery that wanted to buy wholesale – We showed them the beer list then they stopped talking to me, I made repeated attempts to ask why but no response, bit of a shame, I wish people would at least be honest in this industry as to why. I can only guess that at our scale we cannot achieve the required low-ass-price point.
  • Customer Leads for new venues in new areas – North West delivery run didn’t happen due to no responses from leads, North East delivery run did happen but was very minimal, we appreciate that establishing new delivery routes can take time and it’s a work in progress that we’re still working on!
  • We took onboard about you telling us our Website was shit, we’ve done what we can to update this in an FOC manner, it’s still a work in progress but it’s much more instant and up-to-date with a better layout and more information.
  • We did a little bit of asking on the socials (Twitter / Instagram) to see if we can get Cities to be a bit less insular, asking folks to suggest Pubs to us that they think our beers would go down well in. Rest assured we will be working through your suggestions to see if we can squeeze an odd cask passed any brewery or wholesaler control of those venues.
  • We’ve got a price for some small-scale canning from our friends up at Horsforth Brewery, we have yet to decide on which 3 beers to get brewed and packaged and design the Can labels, no one said that running your own business would mean that there was never enough time in a week. When we do it we will state ‘Brewed & Packaged @HorsforthBrewery’ on the cans for complete transparency.

Thanks very much for your continued support, the next Brewery Bar Day is Saturday 25th May 12 til 7pm, Cheers