New beers to keep an eye out for this month

Ruby Weapon is an American Red ale or more of a Red IPA because of how much we will be dry hopping it, unfined and 4.9%

Strauss may take a back seat on the brewplan due to a couple of Snowy delays thanks to the wonderfull British weather, it will be our first Lager and we are keeping it simple, Lager malt, Vienna malt, German Mittlefruh hops, Lager yeast and Acidulated Malt to tweak the mash pH (Cheers JK), unfined and unfiltered in keg 4.9%

Hazy Wheat a recipe made totally from my reaction to another brewer’s Stuck Mash, the situation where the Husk-less grains of Wheat and its gummy nature make all your malted barley & wheat set solid in the Mash Tun and water won’t wash out the sugars in a timely manner so your brewday descends into brew-evening or brew-night, so I wish to test our kit, our process and a wheat beer recipe all for the sake of curiosity. There will also be Citra & Amarillo, Dry hopped and unfined 4.4% in a true German-style Wheat beer it would be between 50-60% Wheat in the recipe.